Government to issue Rs. 20 coin for the first time, new series of Re 1 & 2

Government to issue Rs. 20 coin for the first time

Government to issue Rs. 20 coin for the first time- New Delhi: The Government will come with a coin of 20 rupees to show the domination of the country, which will be made like a 12-edged polygon, in Which the grains are designed. Apart from this, a new series of coins of one, two, five and ten rupees will also be made, which will be circular in design and the prices written in Hindi script.

The release date for releasing these new series coins is yet to be announced. A note of the Finance Ministry stated that the weight of coin of 20 rupees would be 8.54 grams and its outer diameter would be with 27mm Nickel Silver’s outer ring and the centerpiece of nickel brass.

Government to issue Rs. 20 coin for the first time

The face of a new 20 rupee coin will be ‘Lion Capitol’ of Ashoka pillar with Satyameva Jayate ‘. In the left periphery, there will be the word ‘India’ in Hindi and in the right perimeter the word ‘India’ will be in English.

With the symbol of Rupee in the back of the coin, the value in international numbers will be 20.  “The design of grains depicting the country’s agricultural dominance is moved to the left of the coin” The notification states.

The year of the mint in international numbers will be shown at the center of the left periphery of the coin. According to the notification, the new 10 rupees coins will have 27 mm diameter and 7.74 grams of outer diameter, whereas the coin of 5 rupees will be 25 mm in diameter and 6.74 grams. The coins of the new chain one rupee and two rupees will be 3.09 grams and 4.07 grams, whereas the Diameter will be 20mm and 23mm respectively.

Government to issue Rs. 20 coin for the first time, new series of Re 1 & 2 

The face of all these coins will be Lion Satyameva Jayate with the lion capital of Ashoka pillar, which is in Hindi with the word ‘India’ on the left perimeter and in English with the word ‘India’ on the right. For the latest updates, you can visit

According to the Joint Act, 1906, the Government of India has the sole right of coins of the mint and it is the responsibility of the will of the Coin with the Government. Designing and mining of coins is also the responsibility of the government in various sects.

Coins are imposed on four Indian government mints in Mumbai, Alipur (Kolkata), Saifabad (Hyderabad), Cherlapally (Hyderabad) and Noida (UP). In the context of the Reserve Bank of India Act, coins are issued only through the Reserve Bank.


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