Donald Trump signed legislation to exclude China | Business News

Donald Trump signed legislation to exclude China

Donald Trump signed legislation to exclude China, to enhance India’s defence relations:- Just before the start of the New Year on December 31, US President Donald Trump signed an act to combat the growing encroachment on China and to combat the increasing threat and to strengthen the American leadership in the Indo-Pacific region.

Donald Trump signed legislation to exclude China | Business News

In order to strengthen diplomatic, economic, and security relations with India, the Asia Reassurance Initiative Act (ARIA) allocates a budget of $ 1.5 billion over five years to increase cooperation with US strategic regional partners in the region.

The law says that the United States “recognizes the critical role of strategic partnership between the United States and India in promoting peace and security.” Indo-Pacific region “and” diplomatic, economic and security relations between the United States and India To strengthen and broaden.

It reiterates America’s commitment to “bilateral and security agreements and arrangements” between the two countries, including a new framework for the United States-India Defense Relations and the United States-India Defense Technology and Trade Initiative. Insisting on “Designation as the Chief Defense Partner for India, which is unique to India”, the new law states that this designation “the defense trade and technology cooperation between the United States and India to a level Enhances which is consistent with the closest partners and partners to a level. “United States”

This rule also refers to the quadrilateral security dialogue between the US, Australia, India, and Japan, it is called “important to address security challenges in the Indo-Pacific region to promote a rule-based order”; Respect of international law; And an independent and open Indo-Pacific “, however, makes it clear that such dialogue is intended to change rather than the existing system. The ARIA Act was presented in April by President Senator Cory Gardner, President of the U.S. Senator Foreign in the U.S. Senate. Relations were co-sponsored by the subcommittee on East Asia, Pacific and International Cyber Security Policy and Senators Edward Markey, Marco Rubio and Ben Cardin.

It was passed by the US Senate on December 4 and was approved by the US Congress on December 12. It was one of the 13 bills signed in law by President Trump on the last day of 2018.

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