Highest collection in FY19, March GST revenue crosses Rs 1 lakh crore

Highest collection in FY19

Highest collection in FY19, March GST revenue crosses Rs 1 lakh crore: In March 2018-19, the GST collection has been the highest since the beginning of the indirect tax regime with the government, registering a growth of 15.6% over revenue of 2017-18. The total GST collection of March was Rs 1,06,577 crore. Of this, the total Central Good and Service Tax (CGST) was Rs 20,353 crore, State Goods and Service Tax (SGST) was 27,520 crore and the Integrated Good and Service Tax (IGST) was Rs 50,418 crore.

Highest collection in FY19, March GST revenue crosses Rs 1 lakh crore

Imports worth Rs 23,521 crore were included in IGST. Collected cess Rs 8,286 crore This included Rs 891 crore collected on imports. After the regular and provisional settlement in March and month, the total revenue earned by the Central and State Governments was Rs 47,614 crore for CGST and Rs 51,209 crore for SGST. The total number of GST 3B returns, filed for the GST registrar, was required to file the tax return form for the month of March 31, which was 75.95 lakhs.

The revenue collected in March 2018 was Rs 92,167 crore. In the financial year 2018-19, revenue of Rs 98,114 crore was collected every month, which was 9.2 percent more than the amount collected in 2017-18. For the latest updates, you can visit www.indiatimelines.com.

The Finance Ministry said in a statement on April 1, “These figures show that in recent months the revenue growth rate is increasing despite the various rationalization measures.” The revenue collected during the last quarter of 2018-19 was 14.3 percent more than the same period a year ago.

GST or goods and service tax revenue collections 1,06,577 crores in March, the government said on Monday. Marked the highest monthly collection in the financial year 2018-19, the finance ministry said in a post on the microblogging website Twitter. GST Revenue Collection Rs. Came in. 97,247 crore in last month Figures in the last month of the fiscal year 2018-19 – which ended on March 31, 2019 – also revealed that the total GST collection for the entire year is Rs. 11,77,369 crores


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