Amit Shah attacks Arvind Kejriwal over controversial Delhi Assembly resolutions

Amit Shah attacks Arvind Kejriwal over controversial

Amit Shah attacks Arvind Kejriwal over controversial: A proposal was passed seeking demand for the return of the honor of Bharat Ratna given to former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in Delhi Assembly, against which BJP President Amit Shah has said that it is similar to sprinkling salt on the wounds of the victims.

While setting up an optimistic tone for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, with a conference of more than 16,000 booth chairmen from Delhi, BJP President Amit Shah on Sunday targeted the CM Arvind Kejriwal and Congress President Rahul Gandhi, while party workers from Narendra Modi No one left in the making. Modi PM once more.

Amit Shah attacks Arvind Kejriwal over controversial, Check Complete News

On the controversial motion in the Delhi Assembly, Shah said that “rubbing salt on the wounds of the victims and the AAP should be ashamed of themselves”. The proposal, transferred by AAP legislator, though not passed.

Shah insisted that “when the next BJP government at the center will identify every intruder and throw them out of the country.” Wins all seven Lok Sabha seats in Delhi in 2019.

“The lie of Arvind Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi overturned all the lies spoken after independence in the country. The victims of the 1984 riots did not get justice as the perpetrators of the riots were being protected. The Modi government has set up a SIT to ensure that the victims get justice and now the victims are getting justice and the Congress leaders are getting punished. It has been proved that riots were conducted under the supervision of people sitting in power at that time and violence was done by Congress leaders, “Shah said.

Amit Shah attacks Arvind Kejriwal over controversial Delhi Assembly resolutions. AAP, which is working hard with the ambition of snatching all seven LS seats from BJP, “said Kejriwal in the list of the promises of his failures,” Shah said that as soon as Z + security and still people continue to make false promises is, “Kejriwal promised that there are 500 new schools and three new hospitals in every Lok Sabha constituency? The youth are looking for free WiFi and are disappointed. The promise of deploying marshals in buses has also become flat and CCTVs are not visible anywhere. Water supply situation has worsened and 50% people are forced to drink water foul, “said Shah.

Amit Shah attacks Arvind Kejriwal over controversial. According to the statement, the government has decided to fulfill all its promises and the BJP will go to the voters in 2019. “It is unfortunate that the government did not allow the implementation of Ayushman Bharat scheme in Delhi due to fear, this scheme will make PM Narendra Modi more popular. Where are the poor people of Delhi going?”

Delhi BJP chief Manoj Tiwari said that BJP will win all seven LS seats in Delhi and sing a song to motivate party workers to make Narendra Modi again.

Amit Shah attacks Arvind Kejriwal over controversial Delhi Assembly resolutions. On the Rafael deal, Shah targeted Rahul Gandhi and said that despite the Supreme Court’s decision on the Rafael deal, Rahul Gandhi is still “lying on the deal and making false allegations.”He said, “The election of 2019 will eliminate the politics of casteism, dynastic politics and appeasement and the victory of the BJP.”

As part of its strategy for the elections of 2019, the BJP will create a series of WhatSep Groups to connect booth level workers with national leadership to strengthen communication channels. Shah advised workers to meet every Delhi voter and persuade them to vote for the BJP. Both charges have been asked to study and address the reasons for the defeat in the past years.

Prior to the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, the BJP’s plan is to organize a booth chairmanship in different parts of the country. It started from a meeting in Delhi.


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