Noida’s Metro Hospital fire, Massive fire breaks out at Noida’s Hospital

Noida's Metro Hospital fire

Noida’s Metro Hospital fire: According to sources, The fire broke out in the metro Hospital and the reason of fire is a short circuit in the water heater inside the recovery room. Around 60 people were inside the Metro hospital in Noida’s Sector 12. District magistrate has ordered a magisterial inquiry into the fire scene at Metro Hospitals and heart institute in Noida, Lucknow. B N Singh is gave ordered for inquiry.

Highlights: Noida’s Metro Hospital fire

  • The terrible fire took place at the Metro Heart Hospital situated in Sector 12, Noida
  • The fire started from the second floor  of five floors of Metro Hospital
  • patients were safely removed after breaking the Glass and shifted to sector 11 metro Hospital.
  • A fire was over, all patients are secure.
  • The reason for Fire is short-Cricuting.

Noida’s Sector 12-based metro hospital has not renewed the NOC from the fire department since 2017. There was a fierce fire on Thursday in Metro Hospital. Chief Fire Officer Arun Kumar Singh said that the Metro Hospital at Sector 12 had renewed the NOC issued by the Fire Department for three months in March 2017. After that NOC was not renewed from the hospital side.

Noida’s Metro Hospital Fire, Even after the Fire, Patients Continue to be expelled from the Fourth Floor. The smoke was spread in the hospital was covered, due to which patients were being pulled out of the Glass. Using a hydraulic platform to the reached upper floor.

Let us tell here once again that this fire was found in the Metro Heart Hospital located in Sector 12. There was no fire in the branch of the Metro Hospital located in Sector 11 of his own. Patients shifted from Sector 12 to 11 Metro.

There are 5 floors in this hospital. The fire started on the second floor. All patients were shifted to the Sector 11 Metro Hospital. Nothing could be known about the reasons for the fire. After a few hours, causes of fire in Shot-Circuit in the water heater inside the recovery room.


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