TCS will call its employees back to the office, but when it was revealed

TCS will call its employees back to the office, but when it was revealed

TCS will call its employees back to the office, but when it was revealed- Due to the Corona epidemic, ‘Work from Home’ is happening across the country at this time. Tata Consultancy Services, a software company of the Tata group, is no exception. But the employees of this company will not be able to work from home all day. The chairman of Tata Sons has said that when the epidemic ends, then its employees will have to come to the office and work.

mutual discussion social need

Tata Sons chairman Un Chandrasekaran has said that he will ask employees to come to office after the pandemic is over. This is because mutual discussion is a social necessity. N Chandrasekaran, chairman of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), the country’s largest software exporter, said on Thursday that even though a new hybrid model of working has been adopted in the current situation, TCS will ask its employees from office in future once the pandemic ends. Will ask you to come and work.

announced at the annual meeting

Addressing the annual meeting of TCS, he said, “I do not want to say that people need to meet each other, but it is a social necessity. After the pandemic is over, change will come, people will be asked to go to work. ” He said that at present 97 percent of the employees of the company are working from home due to the pandemic. This new way of working is now normal. He believes that in future a large number of people will work from home and sometimes even come to the office. This would be a new way of working.

the office will be needed

Chandrasekaran is the chairman of Tata Sons as well as the chairman of group companies. When did a shareholder ask him that if people continue to work from home, what will happen to the company’s large complexes and real estate? In response, he said, “We still believe that there will be a need for offices. Their consumption levels may be low, but once people start coming to work, there will be a lot of collaborative workspace available in offices.”

Five percent of employees were infected

Chandrasekaran said that out of 4.88 lakh employees of TCS, five percent were affected by the Kovid infection. Of the workers who got infected, 80 percent have been cured. He said that the company employs people from 150 countries and is investing in people from wherever the company operates. He said the company has 15,000 employees in Latin America.


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