Crypto Exchange Founder dies with password, 1300 Crores Stucks

Crypto Exchange Founder dies with password

Crypto Exchange Founder dies with password:- Crypto CEO dies holding only passwords to unlock millions in customer coins, Since the deaths of CEO of a Company of Crypto Company, about 1300 Crores of rupees have been stuck in the account and the password was gone with the died person.


This story is like a Movie Script. There are hundreds of millions of Rupees. There is a password like a key. Only one person has that password. A man comes on a tour of India and dies due to one of his Diseases. 190 million dollars (about 1300 million rupees) worth of cryptocurrency locked after the death of a man. Even the deceased’s wife does not even know this password. Large security experts are no longer able to unlock this currency.

Crypto Exchange Founder dies with password

Gerald Cotten was  30-years- old Deadman and his Company name are QuardrigaCX. Gerald dies due to Visceral illness in December 2108. It was told through the Company’s social media page that Gerald’s death took place during that was on a trip to India. It was also told that he was about to open an Orphanage for orphans of India.

Gerald’s Wife also does not address Password, Crypto CEO dies holding only passwords to unlock millions in customer coins

The news of Gerald’s death came to light when his wife Jennifer Robertson and his company filed an appeal for credit protection in the Canadian Court. Crypto Exchange Founder dies with password. It said in the petition that they are unable to unlock Gerald’s encrypted account (which has their property). About $ 190 million in the same account, the CryptoCurrency is locked too. Actually, Gerald, whose laptop used to do all of his work, is encrypted and his password is not even with his wife Jennifer.

On January 31, 2018, QuadrigaCX appealed to the Nova Scotia Supreme Court through its website that they should be allowed so that they can solve their financial problems. “Over the past few weeks, we have made several attempts to solve our economic problem. We have tried to detect and protect the crypto Currency account. We have to pay our customers according to their deposit, but we are unable to do this because we are not able to access that account only”, In the statement, the company said.

Crypto CEO dies holding only passwords to unlock millions in customer coins | Various stories on Social Media

At the same time, there are several types of discussions about this matter. It is also being questioned that this whole case is not a fraud. People are also writing on the Internet that if Gerald had a severe bowel disease then why did he go to India, where drinking water is a serious problem. Posters posted on social media platform recite have been asked, what is the evidence that Gerald has ever visited India? Another user has written, ‘An Indian friend has told me that Gerald’s death has happened somewhere around Jaipur in India.’


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