Stunt gone wrong: Magician feared dead as Houdini – Chanchal Lahiri

Stunt gone wrong

Stunt gone wrong- An audacious endeavour to show a dangerous Stunts, finally, a lot of sadness: The end has happened. During the Stunt, the magician Chanchal Lahiri, who disappeared in the water of river Ganges, has died drowning in the water. After the search operation lasted for more than 30 hours, his body was recovered from Ramkrishna Ganga Ghat of Howrah on Monday evening. The disaster management team, after hours of hardship, found their bodies from the river. After this news, the family of the deceased, including the family of the Magician community, has an atmosphere of despair.

Stunt gone wrong- Since childhood, there was a passion for magic

Chanchal Lahiri lived in Subhashgram area of ​​Sonarpur in South 24 Parganas district. There is a mother, wife and a son in the family. It was his attachment to the magic that when he was blindfolded, he would have been able to open his hands and feet with a river and then able to come out of his way. He has done many such dangerous acts before. In 1998, he locked in the box and come out from the river. This act gave him fame not only in the state but also in the whole country. On the basis of his countrywide identity, he started showing magic to different parts of the country.

In an attempt to revive the low interest of people about magic, the magician Chanchal had once again tried to replicate the dangerous feat in the river’s water, which he had shown before.

Stunt gone wrong- A plan to show this feat was on Sunday, right below the Howrah bridge and between the Ganges river. Magician Chanchal and his associates were aboard a Boat. There was another team in the second Boat, who was involved in capturing this whole scene in the camera. According to the feat, after getting into the water in the condition of hand-footed tied from chain, he had to come out of water. Chanchal’s colleagues tied his hands and legs with iron chains and thick rope. After tying his entire body with long chains, two claws were rooted. With the help of a crane, he was thrown into the water of the Ganges river with the help of a rope. After entering the river’s water, it felt that he would be seen out of water in a while.

Though 10 minutes passed, the anxiety of the people present there started rising. It was immediately informed to the police. The team of River Police first gathered in search of him. Then the disaster management team started looking in the water. They had no clue until late Sunday evening. Due to Darkness, the rescue operation had to be stopped in the middle. Rescue work started on Monday again. After more than 30 hours of research, the body of Chanchal found on Monday evening. The body was found near the Ramkrishnapur Ganga Ghat of Howrah. The body has been sent to the Kolkata hospital for post-mortem. For the latest updates, you can visit


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