Sibal- Azad- Tiwari: G-23 leaders return to ‘form’ as soon as Sidhu is ‘out’

Sibal- Azad- Tiwari: G-23 leaders return to 'form' as soon as Sidhu is 'out'

Sibal- Azad- Tiwari: G-23 leaders return to ‘form’ as soon as Sidhu is ‘out’- After the resignation of Navjot Singh Sidhu from the post of Punjab Congress Chief (PCC), the morale of some Congress leaders is in seventh heaven. Among them are especially those leaders who are known as G-23 in the political corridor. Kapil Sibal and Manish Tewari are among those leaders. On the political pitch of Punjab, he has come down to bat openly. Both the leaders have shown the mirror to the Congress.

In Punjab, when it seemed that the Congress high command had taken all the teeth out, Sidhu made a big bang on Tuesday. He suddenly resigned from the post of Punjab Congress chief. This created a stir in the politics of Punjab. His decision put the state Congress in deep trouble. Sidhu, however, said that he would not leave the party. Less than an hour after Charanjit Singh Channi announced the allocation of portfolios to his cabinet colleagues, Sidhu announced his resignation on his Twitter handle. He was unhappy with the allocation of portfolios and appointments to key posts, including the Advocate General.

Then on Wednesday, Sidhu released the video clip. In this, he said that he will fight for the truth till his last breath. This fight is for principles he will not compromise on. Sidhu bluntly said, ‘This is not a personal fight but a fight of principles. I will not compromise on principles. This video message was in Punjabi. Sidhu said that his only religion is to make people’s lives better. “I cannot hide anything from the high command and neither can I allow them to hide,” he said. I have no personal rivalry with anyone. The purpose of my 17-year political career is to bring about change, take a stand and improve people’s lives. This is my only religion.’ He said that he would not accept bringing back tainted ministers in the newly formed state cabinet headed by Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi for the first time in the state.

Sibal is back in focus

Amidst this turmoil in Punjab, former Union Minister and senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal were seen returning in full form. Sibal on Wednesday questioned the party leadership over the turmoil in the party’s Punjab unit and the current situation in Congress. Said that this situation should be discussed by convening a meeting of the Congress Working Committee (CWC). He also referred to several leaders leaving the party. In gestures also took a jibe at the Gandhi family. Said that those who were special to him, they left, but those whom they do not consider special, they still stand with them.

Sibal said that there should not be any situation in the border state which can be exploited by Pakistani intelligence agency ISI and other elements from across the border. He said that in a border state (Punjab) where this is happening to the Congress party, what does it mean? This benefits ISI and Pakistan. Congress should ensure that it remains united. If anyone has any problem, he should discuss it with the senior leader of the party.

Sibal said in the press conference, ‘I am talking personally. I am speaking on behalf of the colleagues who wrote the letter in August last year. We are waiting for our leadership to take steps related to the election of the President, the election of the CWC, and the Central Election Committee. Sibal said, ‘I am talking to you guys with a heavy heart. I belong to a party that has a historical legacy and which brought independence to the country. I cannot see my party in the condition it is in today.

The Congress leader said that the country is facing a big crisis. China is infiltrating. The arrival of the Taliban in Afghanistan has created a threat to the security in Jammu and Kashmir. Millions of people are surrounded by poverty. In such a situation the Congress is in this situation, it is sad. This is the time that we should fight together against this government.

Why are the leaders leaving the party?

Sibal said that our people are leaving us. Sushmita (Dev) left and former Goa Chief Minister (Louijinho) Faleryo also left. Jitin Prasada is gone, (Jyotiraditya) Scindia is gone, Lalitesh Tripathi is gone, Abhijit Mukherjee is also gone. Many other leaders left. The question arises, why are these people leaving? We have to think to ourselves that maybe we must have made some mistake too. “We don’t have a president at this time,” he said. We may or may not know who is making the decisions.

According to sources, senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad has also written a letter to Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi. In this, he has asked to convene an immediate meeting of the Congress Working Committee (CWC).

Manish Tiwari also raised questions

Senior party leader Manish Tewari has also raised questions on Sidhu’s intentions, echoing former Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh’s tone. He said that after Sidhu’s resignation, the political instability that has arisen in this border province, only and only Pakistan and the terrorist organizations living in it will be happy.

Manish Tewari did not shy away from attacking even when two of Sidhu’s advisors made controversial remarks. He urged the party leadership to introspect on this. Also asked whether such people should be in the party who do not consider Jammu and Kashmir as a part of India and whose tendencies are pro-Pakistan. He met two of Sidhu’s advisors, Pyare Lal Garg and Malvinder Singh.


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