Captain Amarinder News: What is his’s plan? What bets he is going to play with Shah

Captain Amarinder News: What is his's plan? What bets he is going to play with Shah
Chandigarh, Sep 18 (ANI): Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh speaks to the media after resigning as Punjab CM, in Chandigarh on Saturday. (ANI Photo)

Captain Amarinder News: What is his’s plan? What bets he is going to play with Shah- Not on September 28, but on September 29, the Congress leader and former Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh met Home Minister Amit Shah in Delhi. It was discussed 48 hours ago. In fact, the captain is angry after resigning from the post of CM and in such a situation there is speculation that he will join BJP. This much-talked-about meeting of both the leaders lasted for 50 minutes. At the moment it is not clear whether the Congress leader will join the BJP or seek BJP’s support by forming a new party ahead of the Punjab elections. It is certain that in both the circumstances the difficulties of Congress are going to increase.

However, it has been told from the Captain’s camp that he should meet the Home Minister regarding the issues of the farmers. One thing to be noted here is that a day ago, when the Captain was not even sitting in the plane from Punjab to Delhi and there were reports of meeting Shah in the media, his advisor tried to put an end to the speculation by tweeting. It was said that he is on a private tour and his meeting with any leader is not fixed. On the same day Navjot Singh Sidhu had resigned from the post of Punjab Congress President and now a day later the Captain visits the Home Minister at his home.

The meeting also assumes significance as Singh did not lose his cards after stepping down as chief minister but claimed that he had not given up politics and would fight till the end.

picture giving signal

The picture of the meeting of both tells a lot of stories. Shaking hands, Shah has a smile on his face and the Congress stalwart’s eyes roll as if he is expressing gratitude. Well, there is no clarity on Captain Amarinder’s future plans. He tweeted and said, ‘Met Union Home Minister Amit Shah ji in Delhi. Discussed the ongoing farmers’ movement against agricultural laws and requested them to repeal the laws, guarantee MSP and find a solution to this crisis.

With #NoFarmersNoFood, Singh extended his support to the farmers who are opposing all the three agriculture laws. This is believed to be an attempt to put an end to speculation. This makes one thing more clear that even today the peasant movement remains the biggest issue in the politics of Punjab. It is also certain that the next step of the Captain will be focused a lot on the support of the farmers.

The captain will solve the issue of farmers

There is also talk that Amarinder may play the role of a mediator to restart talks between the central government and farmers, adamant on their respective stands. If it succeeds, then the tension will end and the former CM will be seen standing firmly with the protesters. On the other hand, thanks to the Captain, BJP will be able to move closer to the farmers.

There is also a discussion in the political circles that the Captain may break away from Congress and form his own party and may seek support from the BJP. At present, this meeting cannot be taken lightly as it has happened at a time when the Punjab crisis has again deepened. Tension is also visible between him and the Gandhi family. When he was forced to step down as CM, he accused the Congress leadership of humiliating him, calling Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi inexperienced.

Why not meet Modi

Earlier it was being said that the Captain will also meet PM Modi and BJP Chief JP Nadda. Now it is being said that his meeting with the PM is possible only after there is more understanding between both sides. One meaning of meeting Shah is also being drawn that he is not in a mood to restore relations with the Congress high command.

Captain and BJP on a pitch

There are many similarities between Captain and BJP. After resigning from the post of Chief Minister of Punjab, Amarinder Singh had targeted Navjot Singh Sidhu saying that if Sidhu becomes the CM of Punjab, it will be a threat to the security of the country. After this, the BJP also started targeting Sidhu, taking forward Amarinder’s point on the same pitch. Nationalism has been the BJP’s strongest pitch. Even as the Chief Minister, when the Congress raised questions regarding the renovation of Jallianwala Bagh, Amarinder Singh had defended the central government. BJP has always had a soft corner for Amarinder Singh as he is a nationalist. To give a jolt to the Congress in Punjab, the BJP may support the Captain.

Assembly elections are due early next year in Punjab and the BJP has nothing to lose there. No organization, no allies. The Akali Dal, an old ally of the BJP, has parted ways and a fight is seen between the Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party in Punjab. Come together or form a party separate from the Congress – in both cases the BJP sees itself in a good position.

Here, the farmers’ movement is giving a headache to the BJP. In view of the assembly elections next year, she would also like a solution to this issue, so that a good message should be sent to the public. Though the government has refused to accede to the farmers’ demand for repeal of agricultural laws, it has said that the MSP will be continued and has been reiterated time and again. However, the farmers are demanding a guarantee of MSP security in writing, if this happens then it can be a game-changer in all the election states including UP not only Punjab.


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