Now yellow fungus after black and white, know how dangerous this fungus is

Corona uncontrollable in Delhi

Now yellow fungus after black and white, know how dangerous this fungus is- Already in the midst of the second wave of Corona infection, Black Fungus and White Fungus have increased the difficulties of the people of the country. Meanwhile, now yellow fungus has surfaced. This case of yellow fungus has come out from Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh. It is being described as more dangerous than both fungus before.

According to doctors, it is more dangerous than yellow fungal, black and white fungus. This patient, who was suffering from yellow fungus, is currently undergoing treatment in a hospital in Ghaziabad. This disease is called Mucor Spectics. Come, know what is different from both yellow fungus and previous fungal infection?

Yellow fungus is different from black and white

According to experts, the symptoms of yellow fungus are different from both black and white fungal infection, which starts from the internal parts of the body. This infection causes leakage of pus in the body. Its symptoms are different from the other two fungal infections. But as it grows inside the body, it takes deadly form.

What are the symptoms of yellow fungus?

According to experts, the symptoms of yellow fungus are similar to runny nose and headache, but this fungus does not allow the wound to heal and that is why it is said to be more dangerous. Yellow fungus weakens the body from inside. The patient suffers from this, there are complaints like lethargy and loss of appetite. As its effect increases, the weight of the patient starts decreasing rapidly.

Symptoms of yellow fungus are nasal congestion, numbness of body parts, pain in the body, excessive weakness in the body, increased heart rate, bleeding pus from the body and appearing malnourished.

Yellow Fungus: Causes of Infection

According to experts, lack of cleanliness and polluted food can be the cause of yellow fungus, as well as excessive use of steroids and anti-fungal drugs. Because of which people recovering from Kovid-19 are also taking this infection.

Yellow Fungus is found in

Yellow fungus was found in organisms such as lizards and chameleons. The case of yellow fungal infection in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, was found in reptile class animals like lizard, snake, paddock, chameleon. This mucus septicus (yellow fungus) attracts a lot of zinc.


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