Ranchi man develops humanoid robot Rashmi, Indian version of ‘Sophia’

Ranchi man develops humanoid robot Rashmi

Ranchi man develops humanoid robot Rashmi:- Ranjit Shrivastava, 38, of Ranchi has Developed in the Indian version of Sophia, a social human-robot Developed by the Hong Kong-based company, which is Rashmi, Which can Speak Hindi, Bhojpuri, and Marathi with English. The developer claimed that it is the world’s first Hindi-speaking realistic humanitarian robot and India’s first lip-syncing robot. Rashmi uses Linguistic interpretation (LI), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Visual data and Facial Recognition system.

Ranchi man develops humanoid robot Rashmi

“Rashmi works under a specially designed software and Linguistic interpretation system developed by me. The AI program analyzes the spirit of the conversation, While AI program analyzes the Conversation to remove the reaction from the device,” Said Srivastava.

Srivastava says that robots have many other features besides lip-sync. It can give expression of the face, eyes, lips, and eyebrows and it can also move its neck. And he thinks he has a future.

Srivastava’s motivation to make Rashmi clearly come from Sofia. And this achievement is now known as an Associate professor of IIT-Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad. Experts like Somnath Chattopadhyay are getting a commendation.

Srivastava, a master of business administration (MBA), who has expertise in software development for more than 15 years, has developed robot speaking robot at a lower cost of 50,000 rupees in two years.

Humanoid Robots Future Generation is Needed. It can work as a friend of the bank’s receptionist, helper, people alone and others, “he claimed. Ask anything from the robot, he will respond in the same way. If the robot is told that you are ugly, then she answers … Go to hell. Say you are beautiful, it will give you a thank you reply.

Srivastava first saw Sofia in July 2016. At that time it was the idea of making such a domestic model. Within two years and in a budget of 50,000, they have developed some memorials. Now if he is not crazy and terrible, then I do not know what that is.

Ranjit has claimed to have developed an e-Negotiation Portal for the registration department, which is the e-Library for the Scotch Award, Information and Public Relations Department, Tourism Portal for Tourism Department, which has won National Tourism Awards.


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