Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 announced for $3500, Available to preorder now

Microsoft's HoloLens 2 announced for $3500

Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 announced for $3500: The latest version of Microsoft’s augmented reality headset is designed to help all types of workers do their work. Microsoft announces an annual program for the Mobile industry in the Mobile World Congress at $3,500 Hololens 2 Sunday in Barcelona.

The company has demonstrated the use of potential workplace in many types of industries. A demonstration showed a creative team for a toy company who collaborated in real-time in a virtual conference room. Other demonstrations showed auto manufacturing, industrial equipment repairs, and medical procedures, which were all supported by augmented reality technology.

Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 announced for $3500, available to preorder now

Users who wear the HoloLens 2 headset, they see the world around them, but with virtual graphics. Images are often integrated with real surfaces and objects – imagine a virtual cup of coffee appearing to relax on a real table.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella told  Business in a special interview on Monday that the new device would be more comfortable than the previous version, which was released in 2016. The second-generation device has a lot of resolution graphics and a wide area.  “This area of view is about to make a big difference”, Nadella said.

Eye-tracking and other sensors with AI enhancements make it easy to manipulate virtual objects. HoloLens 2 is also adding more cloud integration. Devices are available for pre-orders and will ship at the end of this year.

When Microsoft Uneilved a thick version of its Augmented Reality Technology for the first time in 2015- which the Company emphasizes to say “Mixed reality”- it was really Mind-Blowing.

Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 announced for $3500, ships later this year

Still, the company was leaning towards the use of workplace for technology, offering an app demo, which lets NASA researchers see the surface of Mars in their offices. Over the years, the company has used various corporate clients and HoloLens. For example, car makers have used the device to help maximize their production processes.

“When we launched HoloLens for the first time, we knew it was a new medium and had to find out its new expression,” said Nadella, who avoided his success in health care, construction and construction.

But augmented reality technology has not really moved away from consumer applications.

It is available on most high-end smartphones and can help people to test furniture and lipsticks like Pokémon Go or play simple games.

For HoloLens 2, Microsoft said that it is partnering with many big companies, including Saab, Airbus, and Honeywell. It is intended for business applications.

“Microsoft’s new HoloLens equipment enterprise will bring the mixed-reality market to its next level of adoption. The device itself fixes many problems related to the first model – better way of visualization than with better gestures, but this Azure Is the integration with. At Forrester, Vice President and Chief Analyst JP Gownder said that dynamics, which developers are more powerful and faster than powerful composite real Empower will create the experience. For the latest updates, you can visit the

The announcement of HoloLens 2 shows that Microsoft is committed to its version of the technology, and believes that this technology can take away the headsets that keep users’ hands-free.

It’s just going to be in the living room, not factories.


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