Mahant Narendra Giri: In the Mahant death case- the signature of the suicide note matched

How Mahant Narendra Giri died? Akhilesh's demand - High Court's sitting judge

Mahant Narendra Giri: In the Mahant death case- the signature of the suicide note matched- The CBI is slowly getting closer to the revelations in the death of Mahant Narendra Giri, president of Akhara Parishad. Some important clues have also been found in the hands of the CBI, which is being linked closely. Through these, the CBI can bring this complicated case to the end. The CBI has also got some important information in the interrogation of the close relatives of Mahant Narendra Giri. The accused were also questioned for about seven hours on Saturday regarding these.

According to CBI sources, in the investigation so far, Narendra Giri’s signature on the suicide note has matched with the signature in his bank account. The fingerprint of Narendra Giri found on the suicide note has also been matched with his fingerprint. The forensic investigation into the alleged suicide letter of Narendra Giri is still going on and the CBI has not yet officially given any information about it. At the same time, CBI is also preparing to conduct a lie-dictator test of Mahant’s disciple Anand Giri. For this, the CBI will take permission from the court.

Officers can also be questioned

The CBI is preparing a list of Mahant’s close friends and people who are in constant contact with him and is interrogating him. These include some political people and their family members. The CBI is also preparing to question some officers. Along with this, the policemen engaged in the security of the Mahant and the policemen who were insecure in the past are also being questioned. They are also being cross-examined.

The investigation should be done by the panel of retired judges of the High Court

Mahant Hari Giri, secretary of Akhil Bharatiya Akhara Parishad has said that the Akhara Parishad is preparing to get the matter investigated at its level. Demand will be made to appoint a separate inquiry panel comprising five retired High Court judges to probe the death of Mahant Narendra Giri. This issue is related to the protection of all the saints.

Mahant Hari Giri is also the chief patron of Juna Akhara. He is not ready to consider it a suicide since the incident. He said that whatever the outcome of the CBI investigation, they are not ready to believe that Mahant Narendra Giri can commit suicide. Narendra Giri was his close associate for more than 30 years.

Niranjani Arena may go to court

According to the will of Mahant Narendra Giri, Balbir will be made his successor on 5 October. In this way that Math will be established as the Mahant of the Baghambari Gaddi and the Chief Acharya of the Bade Hanuman Mandir. But the saints are not unanimous in the Niranjani Akhara regarding the will of Mahant Narendra Giri. Apart from Balveer in the will, others who have been asked to keep on the responsibilities of the Math are not saints. That’s why there is resentment in the arena about it.

Saints say that in the monastery or arena, responsibilities are given to the saints only. The property of the monastery or the akhada is not one’s personal property, so it cannot be given to anyone personally. No saint of the Math or the Akhara has been kept as a witness in the will. Whereas the saints claim that the saints of the Akhara have been as witnesses in the will in the past. Therefore this will can be challenged in court.


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