Bihar News: A pile of dead bodies found on the banks of the Ganges river in Buxar

Bihar News: A pile of dead bodies found on the banks of the Ganges river in Buxar

Bihar News: A pile of dead bodies found on the banks of the Ganges river in Buxar -, after which there has been a stir in the area. It is being told that about 30-40 bodies were lying on the banks of the Ganges. After knowing about the incident, a team of top officials reached there. There has been a sensation in the area after so many bodies found on the banks of the Ganges together in the Corona period.

Regarding the incident, KK Upadhyay, SDO of Buxar Sadar, told that the meeting of 10-12 dead bodies is being done. We have now given instructions for the cremation of these dead bodies. The matter is being investigated. He said that we are investigating where did the dead body come from? DM Aman Sameer held a press conference in the evening as soon as the information was found about the dead bodies. He told that all these dead bodies have reached here from UP. The DM said that 30 bodies have been found along the Mahadeva Ghat in Chausa.

According to the information, the bodies of Ganga near Chausa, located on the border of UP-Bihar, have been flooded. On Monday, there was a stir when 30 bodies were found while landing in the Ganges. From the Mahadeva Ghat of Chausa to Rani Ghat, all these bodies were found descending in the water on the banks of the Ganges. At the same time, 16 bodies were found descending over water in the Ganges at the Bara Ghat in adjoining UP. Due to the foul smell of these bodies, it has become difficult for the people around them to live.

There is a sensation in the area after this incident. Local people have told NDTV that about 100-150 dead bodies are still floating here. But the administration has not taken any action to remove it. People said that the CO came here and went to the point of removal.

Here, after the incident, preparations have been started to install CCTV at many ghats of Buxar. It is being told that CCTV has also been installed on a ghat. At the same time, the administration does not want to take any kind of risk now.

The condition of the 12 districts is going on unabated – even though a new positive case is being recorded every day due to the corona epidemic. Despite this, there are 33 districts in the total 38 districts of the state, where the positivity rate of corona infection remains 10-30 percent. The state is not yet out of the red alert in Corona. The government of India has released a list of districts with more than 10 percent positivity. Its figures show that in 12 districts of Bihar, the positive rate of corona remains between 20-30 percent while in the remaining 21 districts the positivity rate is between 10-19 percent. Sheikhpura district has the highest infection rate in the state. While Patna is in the fifth position.


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