US Pushes for Global Terrorist Tag for Masood Azhar | UNSC Decision

US Pushes for Global Terrorist Tag for Masood Azhar

US Pushes for Global Terrorist Tag for Masood Azhar- Washington: The Jaish-e-Mohammad Chief Masood Azhar meets the criteria for being nominated as global terrorists and is not against regional stability and peace, the united states on Tuesday on the Eve of the United Nations Security Council Speaking of making an important decision in this regard.

JeM, headed by 50-year-old Masood Azhar, conducted several terrorist attacks in India and was involved in the latest  Suicide attack on the camps of the army and the CRPF in Parliament. Pathankot Air Force Base, Jammu, and URI. Pulwama who claimed the lives of 40 personnel.

US Pushes for Global Terrorist Tag for Masood Azhar Hours Ahead of UNSC Decision

After the February 14 attacks in Pulwama, three permanent members of the UNSC- the United States, Britain, and France- have vowed to nominate Azhar as a global terrorist.

Many previous efforts of these three countries were blocked by the all-weather ally of China, Pakistan within the United Nations Security Council.

China, one of the five veto-powered members of the Security Council, has so far claimed that there is not enough evidence to nominate him against Azhar as a global terrorist.

The Tensions between India and Pakistan, the United States, Britain, and France have increased between the rising Global outrage in the wake of the Pulwama attack and it is expected that Beijing will work wisely and this time will not oppose its move to nominate Azhar Global terrorist.

On the eve of the crucial decision by the United Nation Security Council, the Trump administration Clarified on Tuesday that there is enough evidence to nominate it against Azhar as a global terrorist. For the latest updates and trending news, you can visit

US Pushes for Global Terrorist Tag for Masood Azhar, State Government Department deputy spokesman Robert Palladino told a reporter at his daily news conference, “ Azhar is the founder and leader JeM, and he meets the Criteria of the UN by Designation.

He said that JeM is responsible for many terrorist attacks and is in danger of regional stability and peace.

He said that America and India work together on anti-terrorism efforts, and are involved in the United Nations, they said that their views on Jaish-e-Mohammed and its founder are well known.

However, he avoided making a direct comment on the matter under discussion in the United Nations.

“UN Sanctions committee, their discussions are confidential, and as we do not comment on specific matters, but we will continue to work with the Approval Committee to ensure that the designation list is updated and accurate,” Palladino said.

“The United States and China share a mutual interest in achieving regional stability and peace, and that failure to nominate Azhar will counter it for this goal.”

Palladino said in response to a question on the previous successful attempts by China to block Azhar’s United Nations designation.

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