US handed over ‘killing list’ to Taliban- will Afghans pay the ‘price’ for the cooperation of soldiers?

The first sign of the brutality of Taliban came in front - all limits crossed

US handed over ‘killing list’ to Taliban- will Afghans pay the ‘price’ for the cooperation of soldiers?- US officials in Kabul handed over a list of names of American citizens, green card holders, and Afghan allies to the Taliban. The authorities have asked the Taliban to allow them to enter the outskirts of the airport as the area is under the control of the terrorist organization. The listing of Afghans helping foreign troops in the hands of the Taliban could be a sign of danger.

History of Taliban full of ruthless killings

Three US officials speaking to POLITICO said the move is designed to expedite the evacuation of thousands of people from Afghanistan. Another reason for this is that America has become dependent on the Taliban for security outside Kabul airport. Handing over the list of its Afghan allies to the Taliban can be considered a wrong decision. The Taliban’s history of brutally killing Afghans who cooperated with the US and other coalition forces during the conflict attests to this.

Military officers angry with this move

The move has angered MPs and military officials. A defense official has called this list the ‘kill list’. In a press conference on Thursday, Biden said he was not aware of such lists. However, he also did not deny that the US sometimes assigns such names to the Taliban. “There have been occasions when our military has contacted their military counterparts in the Taliban,” Biden said. To the best of my knowledge, in such cases most of the people were let off.

Taliban searching door to door

It is also a matter of concern because the Taliban has started looking for Afghan allies of foreign troops. Recently, there was news that fighters are going from door to door in Kabul looking for such people. The terrorists have also threatened these people that if they do not come forward, their family will have to pay a ‘price’ for it. In this regard, the United Nations also issued a warning, saying that the Taliban is searching for people supporting US and NATO forces and is going door to door to find them.


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