Raj Kundra has leaked Poonam Pandey’s number: it was written – ‘I will remove clothes for you’

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Raj Kundra has leaked Poonam Pandey’s number: it was written – ‘I will remove clothes for you’- Actress and model Poonam Pandey have claimed that businessman and Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty Kundra’s husband Raj Kundra leaked her number in 2019 due to a minor dispute over a contract. Was. Kundra has been remanded in police custody till July 23 after he was arrested by the Mumbai Police for shooting and publishing obscene content.

Wrong calls to Poonam

Poonam has also clarified in her statement that even after their disagreement, Raj had leaked her number and some pictures. After which he was getting calls that were quite abusive.

Poonam faced both threats and humiliation

In a video message, Poonam Pandey said, “When I refused to sign the contract, he leaked my phone number with a caption that read, “Call me now..I”. Will Streep for you (call me now. I’ll undress for you) He issued and spread this message with my personal number. I still remember that after that my phone ringing continuously. I got calls from all over the world, including threatening messages.

Poonam was hiding

Poonam further said, ‘I was not at my house. I had left the house. was hiding. I remember I had spent a few months at that time in a place called Oran. Spent some time elsewhere. I was just in fear that something would happen to me. The kind of messages I used to get that I know where you are, I was a little scared at that time.

Raj Kundra did not even listen to the lawyers

Poonam said, “Despite the refusal of my lawyers, I am giving this statement that if Raj Kundra can do this to me, I am still a well-known personality, then what will be happening to others.” Where is its full stop, it is not possible to judge. That’s why I would request all those girls that you please come out, and if anything like this has happened to you, then you raise your voice.


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