Fierce in Lalu family: Tej Pratap said- Jagdanand’s arbitrariness will not work: BJP took a pinch

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Fierce in Lalu family: Tej Pratap said- Jagdanand’s arbitrariness will not work: BJP took a pinch- The Rashtriya Janata Dal is once again battling with internal strife. The statements of Tej Pratap Yadav, the elder son of party chief Lalu Yadav, are increasing displeasure among the leaders within the party. At the same time, Tejashwi Yadav is also making distance. There are reports of estrangement between the two over supremacy. Here, the BJP has taken a jibe at RJD and Tej Pratap for the disturbance at the party. Giving advice, Bihar BJP said that at least Tej Pratap should be made the national president of the party.

Be Tej Pratap or Misa Bharti National President

Bihar BJP leader Arvind Kumar Singh quipped that Tej Pratap was met with injustice and being the elder son of Lalu Yadav, he should have been the Leader of Opposition in the Bihar Legislative Assembly. Because Tej Pratap considers the people of Bihar as his property, but Lalu Yadav did injustice to Tej Pratap. Therefore, doing justice now, he should be made the national president of RJD or Firmisa Bharti should be given the command of the party.

Condemnation of Tej Pratap’s statement

However, BJP leader Arvind Singh condemned Tej Pratap’s remarks about Hitler. Arvind Singh said that Tej Pratap should not have said such a thing. Jagdanand Singh is the state president of the party, it is not appropriate for Tej Pratap to make a statement against him.

Tej Pratap’s anger at the state president

Let us inform you that on August 8, in a program of RJD, Tej Pratap Yadav targeted the party’s state president Jagdanand Singh and called him Hitler. Tej Pratap said that Jagdanand Singh goes everywhere and speaks like Hitler. The main gate of the party office opens and closes with the consent of the president. The door was always open at the time of father, but after his departure, many people have started arbitrarily. Tej Pratap did not stop here. Taking a dig at Jagdanand Singh, he said that the chair is not the inheritance of anyone.


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