No political ads during IPL 2019, BCCI says ‘No’ to Star Sports – Cricket

No political ads during IPL 2019

No political ads during IPL 2019: The Committee of Administrators  (COA) has rejected the request of the IPL broadcaster Star Sports to allow political advertising during the match break. “Yes, there was a request from Star Sports but it was decided that no political advertisement will be allowed at the time of the election. We understand that broadcasters want to increase their revenue but it is a policy decision we have taken, “Said the official Privy of a senior BCCI.

No political ads during IPL 2019, BCCI Tells Start Sports

According to a report, Broadcasters wanted the Clauses 8.6 (B) to be exempted in the Media Rights Agreement. With the removal of this section, it will pave the way for political and religious advertisements to be broadcast live and recorded.

Apart from rejecting the demand of host broadcasters, there are several other issues discussed during the meeting. BCCI said it will work with the National Anti-Doping Agency for the next six months, which is a major climb from its previous situation of not following global anti-doping guidelines. The decision taken after meeting with the BCCI’s top officials and the Committee of Administrators (COA), International Cricket Council President Shashank Manohar, came with the riders of their share. “This will be a six-month trilateral agreement between ICC, BCCI, and NADA, in which the samples of our registered pool of players will go through the NADA to the National Dope Testing Laboratory (NDTL) when IDTM in Sweden takes a sample of it. Senior officials told after the meeting that if we are not convinced, then we will not renew the agreement.

The Board has not yet informed NADA about its stand. NADA Director General Navin Agrawal said, “I will only comment when I get a written confirmation. I have not yet been officially notified.” For the latest updates and trending news, you can visit

Other discussions were about the tax amnesty of US $ 22 million for global meetings of the future and the BCCI told Manohar about its payment plan. The World Anti-Doping Agency had told the ICC clearly that BCCI was to come under the NADA so that the world body was in compliance and during the board meeting in Dubai, the matter was reported to BCCI.


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