Discord in Chhattisgarh Congress: Punia discussed with Brihaspati Singh-TS Singhdev

Discord in Chhattisgarh Congress: Punia discussed with Brihaspati Singh-TS Singhdev

Discord in Chhattisgarh Congress: Punia discussed with Brihaspati Singh-TS Singhdev: In Chhattisgarh, after Congress MLA Brihaspati Singh alleged threat to his life from his own government minister TS Singhdev, a stir in the politics of the state has intensified. Damage control efforts are going on in Congress. Congress state in-charge PL Punia was about to leave for Delhi at 4:00 pm today, but he suddenly left the flight and went straight to the assembly and discussed separately with minister TS Singhdev and MLA Brihaspati Singh.

Conversation in CM’s room

The first MLAs Brihaspati Singh and Chintamani Maharaj were called in the Chief Minister’s room to chat in the assembly. During this discussion, state in-charge PL Punia, in-charge secretary Chandan Yadav and Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel also participated. After some time, Minister TS Singhdeo was also called for discussion, but before going inside Singhdev, CM Bhupesh Baghel left the room and then PL Punia’s discussion with TS Singhdev went on for about 23 minutes. Meanwhile, senior Congress MLA Satyanarayan Sharma also went inside, but Sharma left the room shortly after.

I am deaf: Satyanarayan Sharma

When the media, keeping an eye on this whole incident, asked Sharma for information about the matter, he bluntly said that ‘I am deaf’. It is clear from this that any minister, MLA or leader of the party is refraining from saying anything about this internal strife and developments going on in the Congress.

PL Punia said – the matter is over

In this case, PL Punia bluntly said that this matter is over. Came to meet everyone and discussion took place.

The matter also resonated in the assembly

The echo of the allegations leveled by Brihaspati Singh on Minister TS Singhdev was heard in the House during the Monsoon session of the Vidhan Sabha today. This whole incident gave a big issue to the opposition sitting down and in this matter the BJP created a ruckus and remained adamant on the demand of getting the matter probed by a committee of the assembly. On behalf of BJP, Ajay Chandrakar, Brijmohan Agarwal said that both the parties are members of the House in this matter. The Speaker directs that the Committee of the House conduct an inquiry. Leader of Opposition Dharamlal Kaushik said that this is the first such incident in political history. This is unfortunate not only for Congress but for Chhattisgarh. In this, a statement had to come from the government. There should be a thorough investigation into such an incident. Under whose shelter the public representatives will come here and speak their mind.

Leader of Opposition Dharamlal Kaushik said in the House that the Speaker of the Assembly should get an inquiry done by the Assembly Committee. The life of our MLA is in danger. This is a serious matter. Let milk become milk and water becomes water. If the minister has done it, then accountability should be fixed and if it is not, then who is behind it, it should be decided. However, on this issue, Assembly Speaker Charandas Mahant talked about getting the statements of the MLAs and both the parties tomorrow, on which the opposition also accepted and now there are speculations that tomorrow there may be a ruckus in the House again on this issue.


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