Software company CEO found hanging in Ameenpur

Software company CEO found hanging in Ameenpur
Software company CEO found hanging in Ameenpur

In Sangareddy, a tragic incident unfolded as the CEO of a private software firm took his own life at his residence within the jurisdiction of Ameenpur police station on Tuesday morning.

The deceased, identified as Kolleti Kashi Vishwanath, resided in Durga Homes and had established his software firm in Madhapur, Hyderabad. Additionally, he managed a software company in the United States, reflecting his significant professional commitments. Sources within the police department revealed that Vishwanath had recently returned from a prolonged six-month trip to the US. Subsequent to his return, he had become increasingly withdrawn, refraining from engaging with his family and friends. His wife, Kolleti Vinila, informed the authorities that Vishwanath had been grappling with severe anxiety for some time.

The tragic turn of events occurred on Tuesday when Vishwanath proceeded to his workspace on the top floor of the building and utilized a stole to hang himself from a window, as confirmed by the police.

In her statement to the police, Vinila recounted that Vishwanath had awakened at 3 am. When she checked on him after rising at 5:30 am, she discovered that the door was locked. Upon attempting to communicate with him through the window, she made the harrowing discovery of him hanging.

This heartbreaking incident serves as a stark reminder of the silent struggles individuals may endure, often unbeknownst to those closest to them. It underscores the critical importance of mental health awareness and support mechanisms within our communities.

In times of distress or if one is confronted with thoughts of self-harm, it is imperative to reach out for help. Support organizations such as Sneha Foundation (04424640050), Tele Manas (14416), or iCall (02225521111) extend their services round the clock, providing invaluable emotional support and guidance. Let us remain vigilant and compassionate towards one another, fostering an environment where individuals feel safe and supported in seeking assistance during times of need.

Know the Whole Story 

On Tuesday, February 27th, tragedy struck in Hyderabad as the chief executive officer (CEO) of a software company took his own life in Ameenpur, Sangareddy. Identified as Kasi Viswanath, the 38-year-old CEO resided in Durga Homes Phase-2 in Ameenpur. His death was attributed to the profound disappointment he experienced upon the failure of a project he had invested significant hope and effort into.

Viswanath’s journey to the United States six months prior had been fueled by aspirations of establishing a successful software company. However, the venture ended in failure, leaving Viswanath distraught upon his return. According to reports from the police, it was this profound disappointment that led him to take the extreme step of ending his own life.

His wife, Vineela, recounted their earlier entrepreneurial endeavor in Madhapur, where Viswanath and his friends had established a software company named Eclat Prime. This venture had likely bolstered Viswanath’s confidence and fueled his ambition to expand his entrepreneurial pursuits to the United States. Unfortunately, the reality of numerous challenges and setbacks dashed his dreams, compelling him to abandon the endeavor and return home with a heavy heart.

Viswanath’s emotional turmoil in the aftermath of the failed project was palpable to those closest to him. Vineela emphasized the depth of his despair, underscoring how profoundly affected he was by the turn of events. His disillusionment serves as a poignant reminder of the emotional toll that failure can exact, particularly when one’s aspirations are deeply intertwined with personal identity and fulfillment.

The events leading up to Viswanath’s tragic demise unfolded on Tuesday afternoon within the confines of his office at home. Seemingly unable to bear the weight of his disappointment any longer, Viswanath retreated into his workspace and locked the door behind him. Concerned by his silence, his family made the horrifying discovery upon breaking down the door: Viswanath had taken his own life, hanging from the window bars.

The confirmation of the incident by Ameenpur SI EV Raman only added to the somber reality of the situation. With a case officially filed, investigations commenced, aiming to shed light on the circumstances surrounding Viswanath’s untimely death. As authorities delve into the details, the overarching narrative remains one of profound loss and the stark reminder of the fragility of human resilience in the face of crushing disappointment.

Viswanath’s story serves as a sobering reminder of the importance of mental health awareness and support systems within professional and personal spheres alike. His untimely death underscores the critical need for open dialogue surrounding the pressures of entrepreneurship and the psychological toll of failure. In the wake of this tragedy, may his memory serve as a catalyst for meaningful conversations and proactive efforts to prioritize mental well-being in all facets of life.


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