Nawab Malik VS Sameer Wankhede: Sameer Wankhede called Nawab Malik’s allegations baseless

Nawab Malik VS Sameer Wankhede: Wankhede called Nawab Malik's allegations baseless

Nawab Malik VS Sameer Wankhede: Sameer Wankhede called Nawab Malik’s allegations baseless- The tension between Maharashtra’s Skill Development Minister Nawab Malik and Narcotics Control Bureau’s well-known officer Sameer Wankhede is increasing instead of decreasing. Since the Aryan Khan case, Nawab Malik has been continuously accusing NCB and Sameer Wankhede one after the other. On Thursday, Sameer Wankhede gave answers to all the allegations of Nawab Malik. Presenting Nawab Malik’s question and Samir Wankhede’s answer.

Nawab Malik: Nawab Malik on Thursday accused Sameer Wankhede of extorting weeks from Bollywood celebrities by visiting Maldives and Dubai. He said that when the entire Bollywood was in Maldives during the Corona period, Wankhede also went there.

Sameer Wankhede – On the allegations of Nawab Malik, Sameer Wankhede said that I have never been to Dubai. Nawab Malik can get my passport checked if he wants. I had definitely gone to Maldip but for this I had taken leave from the government and went there with my family. The point of extortion is baseless.

Nawab Malik- Nawab has also shared some pictures to prove the truth about Sameer Wankhede going to Dubai. According to Malik, these pictures are from 10 October 2020. Which was pulled at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Dubai.

Sameer Wankhede: Sameer Wankhede replied that the pictures shared by Nawab Malik are not from Dubai but from Mumbai. That day I was on duty in Mumbai. Riya Chakraborty was investigating the case.

Nawab Malik- Nawab Malik said that within a year Sameer Wankhede’s job will be lost. I have important evidence against him. Which I will introduce in the future. After that Sameer Wankhede will not be able to work even for a day and he will have to go to jail.

Sameer Wankhede- Sameer Wankhede said that I am a small government employee, if Nawab Malik is so hurt by taking action against drug dealers, drug addicts and sellers and he wants to send me to jail, then I wish him .

Nawab Malik: Nawab Malik said that Sameer Wankhede takes fake action and is busy in recovering thousands of crores of rupees under its guise.

Sameer Wankhede: Sameer Wankhede said that since a long time Nawab Malik has been making personal attacks on me and my family continuously. He is a big minister and I am a small government employee. I will take legal action against them.

Nawab Malik: Nawab Malik had also alleged that Sameer Wankhede had made his family friend Fletcher Patel as Panch Witness in many cases.

Fletcher Patel: Fletcher Patel himself had come and clarified that he had known Sameer Wankhede since childhood. Former soldier Fletcher Patel also said that he does this to help the police and will continue to do so. He also said that Nawab Malik has been troubled by the good work of NCB.

Nawab Malik: Nawab Malik also alleged that Sameer Wankhede had released the brother-in-law of BJP leader Mohit Kamboj under pressure from BJP leaders on the day the cruise was raided by NCB. Malik also said that not eight but 11 accused were caught in the raid.

Sameer Wankhede: In this case Sameer Wankhede had said that NCB does not work under anyone’s pressure. In the raid, we had caught not eight but 14 people, out of which 6 people were let off because they were not found to have any connection with the case.

Nawab Malik: Nawab Malik had also accused NCB that two outsiders were also involved in his raid. One of which was KP Gosavi and the other Manish Bhanushali. There is an FIR registered against KP Gosavi for cheating and Bhanushali is a BJP leader.

Sameer Wankhede: On this allegation it was said on behalf of Sameer Wankhede and NCB that both these people are not officers of NCB but five Witnesses.


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