Mixing Vaccine in UP: People get scared after installing two different vaccines in Siddharthnagar

One more vaccine for coronavirus approved in India

In another village, including the Oudahi Kalan village of Siddharthnagar, about 20 people were vaccinated with two different vaccines of Covid. The villagers fear that they may not get sick from it. Know what the experts say on the cocktail vaccine-

Investigations have been ordered after a case of negligence of cocktail vaccine was reported in Siddharthnagar, home district of UP Health Minister Jai Pratap Singh. In a village here, the first dose of corona of about 20 people was put in the Covishield and the second dose of Covaxin. Villagers have expressed fear of side effects, accusing the health teams.

The incident is from another village including Oudahi Kalan village of Siddharthnagar. In the first week of April, about 20 people were given the first dose of the vaccine Covishield. After this, on May 14, while applying the second dose, the health workers put covaxin on the ground with great carelessness. However, no one has complained of side effects yet. The local health office has ordered an investigation.

‘No one has seen my vaccination history’

A villager told, ‘I got the first dose of Covidshield on 1 April, the second dose was put on 14 May. When I went for the second dose, no one bothered to look at my vaccination history and I was put in a cocaine. Now I am afraid that there will be no disease. ‘

‘Action will be taken against the culprits’

Chief Medical Officer Siddharthnagar Dr. Sandeep Chaudhary said, ‘This is a clear violation of the rules. Cocktail vaccine may not be given. We have ordered an inquiry. As soon as the report comes, strict action will be taken against the guilty employees. Our team is keeping an eye on all these people. So far no problem has been seen in any person.

Such a case was also revealed in Maharashtra

Earlier, a similar case came up in Jalna district of Maharashtra where two different vaccines were given to an elderly person. Dattatreya Waghmare (72), a resident of Khandvi village in Jalna district, took his first dose of covaxine on March 22 at a rural hospital in Partur, while on 30 April he was given a dose of Covishield at a primary health center in Srishti village. After this there were some mild side effects.

Expert opinion on cocktail vaccine

On whether there is any danger due to the introduction of two different doses of the vaccine, Dr. VK Paul, Member (Health) of the NITI Aayog had said that it is possible from a scientific point of view and research is going on in this regard. Has been He informed that ongoing research is being monitored in India and abroad.

‘No scientific evidence yet’

Dr. Paul had said, ‘It is possible from a scientific point of view but more research is needed. It cannot be said with certainty that dose mixes should be done. There is no scientific evidence for this yet. Time will tell whether this will happen in future or not. This will depend on the findings of international research, the World Health Organization. Our experts are also doing research.

How much immunity from the cocktail vaccine is not clear yet

A researchers from Oxford University had found that if two vaccines are mixed, there is no major danger. Although side effects can definitely increase. There is nothing clear yet about how much immunity the cocktail of vaccine gives against Covid-19.

According to research published in ‘The Lancet’, the researchers first gave the AstraZeneca vaccine (Covishield) dose to people and then four weeks later gave Pfizer’s vaccine. The result was that the side effects were seen more among those taking the mixed dose, but the problem soon went away.


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