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From Modi to Rahul - Casual Sexism Is the Norm

From Modi to Rahul – Casual Sexism Is the Norm- New Delhi: In Rahul Gandhi’s speech on Wednesday in Jaipur, an unnecessary reference to the gender of Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman provided some political ammunition to Prime Minister Modi when he prosecute the Congress President of “insulting all women”.

Talking in Hindi, Rahul Gandhi said that while referring to the reluctance of Rafael to debate on him, Modi said, “The 56-inch chest watchman fled and a woman said, Sitharaman, protect me … “. “And for two and a half hours, the woman could not defend it.”

From Modi to Rahul – Casual Sexism Is the Norm

In this context, the references to “woman” (or “woman”) are indisputable signs of formidable sexism. Modi is being persuaded not only to leave the battleground but to defend his defense in the hands of a woman. If Sitharaman was a man, then it is unlikely that Rahul Gandhi would have said:

However, Modi is the last person who has the right to raise this issue when he was also guilty of similar casual religion. In June 2015, during a speech at Dhaka University, who was full of praise for Sheikh Hasina of Bangladesh Prime Minister, Modi observed a patent sexist:

This commentary has made headlines around the world, but after three years, any news from Modi on Rahul Gandhi’s criticism has not been chosen to remember his own record in this matter.

At that time, in a column for The Wire, feminist scholar Ratna Kapoor said that despite Modi’s “being a woman” remark, “once again the memories of the illiteracy displayed during our political split on the issues of genderism and sexism by our politicians. “.

From Modi to Rahul – Casual Sexism Is the Norm Across the Political Spectrum

Modi’s comment was not only random and insensitive, but he also wrote. “This is part of a comprehensive sexist and Misogynist culture, which continues on full display by our politicians regardless of those associated with the party … as harmless as a one-sentence comment about the Prime Minister of Bangladesh It can be praised, the fact is, it is not. It is an indication that the male statesman only works better. ”

Kapur  concluded his analysis saying that politicians do not have the monopoly on Sexism, they are “representative of the people and therefore their voice needs to be subjected to more important investigation.” To politicize them by embarrassing them Time to judge the source.”Fraudulent and sometimes objectionable behavior, and what they say and what they say, and accountable to them as Prime Minister, it is also dependent on Modi that he is accountable for his performance in sexism To be held that which is not the only one – when it was campaigning in Himachal Pradesh, remembering the days of then Sunanda Pushkara told Tharoor to “Tharoor’s Girlfriend” Received.


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