There may be 1 million deaths in India by 1 August? This estimate of experts is intimidating

Lungs can cause up to 25% damage even before severe symptoms

There may be 1 million deaths in India by 1 August? This estimate of experts is intimidating- Coronavirus can still be seen in India in a more severe form. The figures for coronavirus infection and deaths from it are increasing in the country. The US-based Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) estimates that if ‘drastic measures’ are not taken, there could be more than 1 million Covid deaths in India by 1 August. Earlier the institution had estimated 960,000 deaths by this date.

The IHME said that without taking drastic measures to strengthen the health system, adherence to social distancing and effective use of face masks, India’s situation looks much worse. IHME is a global health research centre at the University of Washington. Its estimates on the Kovid-19 have been widely accepted based on robust models.

It is estimated that there may be 1,019,000 Covid deaths in India by 1 August 2021. In the worst case, the number of deaths can be up to 1.2 million. The estimate is based on data from 25 to 30 April. Due to this deadly disease, the number of people who died of corona last week has increased by 78%. Jack Salivian, the top official of the Biden administration and national security adviser in the US, said the epidemic in India had been out of control.

Deaths will be on the peak by 20 May

The IHME estimates that the peak of daily Kovid deaths will occur on May 20, when 12,000 deaths a day can occur. The institution previously estimated the May 16 date for this peak. However, if universal mask coverage (95%) is achieved within the next week, our model estimates that by August 1, the estimated deaths will be reduced by 73,000.

On what basis is the estimate

IHME said its estimate is based on what is most likely to happen. IHME said that the model is based on if the vaccine is given at the same pace and how the government enforces the social distancing rules.


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