Latest updates: Fungal infection mucormycosis emerging as a new threat.


Ahmedabad : COVID-19 caused by a severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2). A rare but deadly secondary fungal infection mucormycosis is a new threat spreading across worldwide, due to low immunity found in patients post covid- 19 treatment. Mucomycosis a bacterial infection is preying on those recently recovered patients aged between 41 to 60 years and having low sugar levels. When we all thought that covid-19 couldn’t get any worse. Some health practitioners have reported about this rare but deadly fungal infection. Based on ex post facto examination of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) data from China and globally, the healthcare supervisors are perceiving this fatal fungal co- infectious disease pertained to COVID- 19 might be misdiagnosed.

fungal infection mucormycosis
Ahmedabad – A new threat secondary fungal infection mucormycosis is emerging worldwide affecting COVID-19 patients post treatment .

Ahmedabad based Dr. Parth Rana (Retina and ocular trauma surgeon) has stated that 5 cases of fungal infection mucormycosis have been distinguished past 15 days simultaneously. An uncommon serious fungal bacterial infection with 50% rate of mortality. It is reported that out of 4 patients aged between 34 – 47 years, 2 patients have died while 2 patients have completely lost their eyesight due to mucormycosis respectively, all the four patients had uncontrollably miserable sugar levels. Their immunity was very low and were on steroids. According to Dr. Rana this disease takes around 15- 20 days to spread but among COVID- 19 patients it took just 2-3 days to prevail. While the fifth patient aged 67 years was critical and had enlarged eyeballs bulging out of the eye sockets.
He also stated that vulnerable sugar levels, high doses of steroids and low immunity have made them more prone to mucomycorsis.

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