Petrol crosses 71 to 100 in one year: Petrol price crosses 100 in all districts of MP and Rajasthan

Petrol Price In India

Petrol crosses 71 to 100 in one year: Petrol price crosses 100 in all districts of MP and Rajasthan- The situation is not the same as it was before the partial lockdown in the country. The pace of economic activity has also slowed down. There is a fear of corona among the people, but due to inflation, the problem has increased.

The biggest reason for the rise in inflation is the record increase in the prices of petrol and diesel. In many areas of the country, the price of a liter of petrol has crossed 100 rupees. These days, petrol in all districts of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan has crossed Rs 100 per liter. At the same time, the price of petrol has reached beyond Rs 100 in 30 districts of Maharashtra and 7 districts of Andhra Pradesh.

Petrol crosses 100 in 122 districts of the country

Out of 726 districts in the country, petrol has crossed Rs 100 per liter in 122 districts. The first petrol in the country in Sriganganagar, Rajasthan was out of the Rs 100 mark. Petrol in the country’s financial capital Delhi has also crossed 100 rupees today.

Petrol price in states is Rs 105 per liter

According to the government oil company Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL), a liter of petrol in the capital Delhi is priced at Rs 93.68, but in Sriganganagar, Rajasthan, petrol is being sold at a record price of Rs 104.94. At the same time, petrol has reached Rs 104.62 in Anuppur in Madhya Pradesh. In many districts of these two states, petrol prices are being sold at the highest price so far. What will be the effect of increasing petrol-diesel prices?

The increase in fuel prices has a direct impact on transportation. The cost of manufacturing products also increases. It has a direct impact on the pocket of common people. Prices of vegetables, fruits, cereals and other items used in everyday work go up. This adversely affects consumption and also shocks the economy.

Petrol is costlier by 31% in a year, diesel by 22%

Petrol-diesel prices have risen 15 times so far in May. Due to this, petrol 3.54 and diesel 4.16 have become expensive. At the same time, if you look at the figures so far in 2021, petrol 12 and diesel has become 15% costlier in less than 5 months. That is, on 1 January, one liter of petrol was sold at 83.97 and diesel at 74.12, which is now at 93.94 and 84.89 rupees per liter. Petrol-diesel prices have risen sharply throughout the year. As of 27 May 2020, petrol was at 71.26 and diesel at 69.39, which is now at Rs 93.94 and Rs 84.89 per liter. That is, in the last one year, petrol has become 31 and diesel 22% expensive.

Crude oil prices are also in focus

Crude oil prices have again increased to $ 69 a barrel in the global market, which had come down to $ 65 a barrel on May 23, but it is expected to remain around $ 70 a barrel in the coming days, because With the weakening of US sanctions on Iran, it is likely to return to the oil market.


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