Delhi Unlock News: Unlocking from May 31, but CM Kejriwal has imposed a condition

Maharashtra may face lockdown of 15 days

Delhi Unlock News: Unlocking from May 31, but CM Kejriwal has imposed a condition- The unlocking process will start in Delhi from Monday. The issue was discussed in the meeting of Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) on Friday, in which some important decisions were taken regarding the unlock process. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that the Delhi government has decided to open the factory and construction activities from Monday keeping in mind the poor section of the society. We will continue the process of unlock gradually even further on the suggestions of the public and experts.

The CM said that lest the lockdown open, the corona started to rise again. If this happens, we will have no option but to lockdown again. Appealed to the people to take all necessary precautions to protect against Kovid-19. This is a very delicate time. Do not get out of the house unless needed. DDMA met under the chairmanship of Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal on various issues including the present situation of Corona, Vaccination in Delhi.

Factory and construction activities begin from Monday

CM Arvind Kejriwal said that it is a lockdown till 5:00 am on Monday. Some decisions have been taken to open a lockdown at the DDMA meeting. Corona has come under control with great hard work but has not yet won the entire battle. We have benefited from the lockdown of the last one month so far. All experts believe that the lockdown should be opened slowly. The poorest section of society needs to be taken care of first.

People from nearby states including Uttar Pradesh, Bihar come to Delhi to earn a living. Many people work as daily labourers. We find such labourers working in construction activities and factories the most. It has been decided in the DDMA meeting that these two activities will be opened from Monday morning. When the lockdown ends at five o’clock on Monday, both these construction activities and the factory are being opened for the next one week.

Unlock will have to be stopped if the case escalates again

The CM further said that now week after week, we will continue the process of opening the lockdown gradually in the same way based on the suggestions of the public and the opinion of experts. Provided that the corona does not begin to grow again. If it seems that the corona starts growing again in the middle, then we will have to stop the process of opening up of economic activities. If the corona starts to rise again, we will have no choice but to apply the lockdown again. CM said that we do not want to impose lockdown again, we are not in favor of lockdown at all and you do not want to either. Lockdown is not a good thing, it has to be forced.

Construction area on unlocked, still confused

While the industry has welcomed the decision, the construction industry is in a dilemma. He says that the situation at the shops of the building material supplier is not clear. If there is no building material at all, then how will the construction be done. According to Ashish Garg, General Secretary, Narela Industrial Complex Welfare Association, this decision of the CM is welcome. However, the demand will not increase without the market opening. But unlocking this week gives us time for preparations. Work cannot be started as soon as the industry opens. In addition to sanitization, maintenance of equipment and machinery, it is necessary to call the laborers. During this time this work can be done. However, we have not yet received the complete SOP. But if any SOP comes, we will follow all government rules completely. It may take up to two months for the work to pick up pace.

Praveen Kumar of Ashok Vihar told that till now we were waiting for what would open on June 1. Now the conditions have cleared up. We are hoping that from next week, a few more things, such as markets, etc. will also be opened, so that demand will start coming from the market. However, this week we have got time to call back the workers and get our machines maintained. Due to the shutdown of all the machines for the last one and a half months, their maintenance will take a lot of time.


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