Sidharth Shukla’s trainer told many things- from daily routine to the last minute

Sidharth Shukla's trainer told many things- from daily routine to the last minute

Sidharth Shukla’s trainer told many things- from daily routine to the last minute- The death of actor Siddharth Shukla has dealt a big blow to the TV and film industry. No one can believe that now Siddharth is not among them. Fans are remembering the actor by sharing his old photos and videos on social media. Meanwhile, his trainer told that a few days ago Siddharth was not feeling well. Because of this, he was not able to exercise well. What else the trainer said, let’s know …

used to workout for two hours

Siddharth’s trainer said, ‘Siddharth used to do workouts for only two hours, but in between breaks and rest, it used to be three to four hours. Siddharth was not only my client but we had a deep friendship. He often shared his experiences. I gave him the status of brother more than a friend. We both shared a different kind of bonding.

last meeting on birthday

According to the trainer, ‘My last meeting was on my birthday. It was my birthday on 24th August and Siddharth had come to the gym. He wished me, trained me, then left. I used to do acting as well as training and for this I was going to Bhopal for shooting on 25th. Siddharth had pulled me up a lot and said that you will become an actor and you will compete with me, don’t go shooting, leave acting. Our last workout was on August 24. I told him that I will come back on 30, then Siddharth said that I will do workouts with the help of your assistant.

Siddhartha was not feeling well

The trainer says, ‘Siddharth came to the gym on the morning of 25. I was not there but my assistant was. However, that day, Siddharth worked out for only 20 minutes. He left saying that he is not feeling well and is not feeling well. Also said that if Sonu comes, I will do it with him. He came to my gym for the last time on just 25.

Had to call but couldn’t

The trainer said, ‘I have returned only three days ago. Was thinking that I should call Siddharth but could not. Last night, I really thought two or three times that I should call and say that I do exercise since the day after. There was a lot of desire to talk but because of his fear, he did not call because if I cannot meet today, he will start getting angry.

Siddharth used to express his anger too

According to the trainer, ‘Siddharth was very straightforward. If he was angry, he would express it to me. He loved me very much. He never took my name, always called me as Sir. We used to spend four hours a day together. In the morning he used to come to the gym and in the evening I used to go to his compound for running.

Siddhartha’s suggestion about running

The trainer said, ‘During the lockdown, my stomach came out. To reduce it, Siddharth suggested running. We used to run in the garden of his society. I still can’t believe that he is no more with us.


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