Telangana’s Well of Horrors – Three Girls Raped, Killed by Serial Killer

Telangana's Well of Horrors

Telangana’s Well of Horrors:- Hyderabad: In the case of a missing 14-year-old girl, deep and dry wells have been discovered in Hajipur village of Telangana, which is about 100 km from Hyderabad, which has become a cemetery for three young people.  Skeletal remain of three girls aged 11 and 17 have been found inside the wells left in the last few days. Girls were buried in sexual exploitation, murder, and wells by a serial killer.

All this started when a 14-year- old girl’s family filed a complaint with the Bommalaramaram mandal police about a complaint filed a week ago. The police caught a 27-year-old, Marri Srinivas Reddy, who had said that she had admitted that she had raped a minor and was missing. He also told them that his body was buried in 50 feet deep well in his farmland.

Telangana’s Well of Horrors – Three Girls Raped, Killed by Serial Killer

The victim, class 9 student, was going home from school when Reddy came to her on the pretext of giving a lift to her destination. Then he kidnapped her, raped her and then murdered the girl. His body and school bag were thrown into the abandoned well on his owned land.

On the basis of confession, the police reached the police station and found the body of the girl on Friday. His body and his school bag got in well, as the accused had said.

But again, in the chilling twist of events, a special 17-year-old body buried in the same will was found in the body, which was searching for evidence. She too, allegedly sexual assault and murder was done by Reddy. It was in March, since that time she was missing.

The police said that the method of working of the accused is 14 years old. He offered a lift to a minor, when he was going home from college, and then sexually assaulted her. His corpse was found with his body, in which his base card was – which was the source of his identity.

Lift mechanic arrested for raping, killing three girls: Telangana’s Well of Horrors

The parents of the 17-year-old girl living in the same village had not recorded any missing information saying that she had asked her to stay separate with her partner. The bodies of both minor girls are found in the interval of three days starting from Friday.

Yadadri Bhuvanagiri DCP, Narayan Reddy said, “The body was found in the second corner of the well after the body was found, there was a team of doctors, RDO and Tehsildar, we got a bag along with the body.”

However, the count did not stop there. Parents, aged 11, came to know about the killings, to report to the police that their daughter was missing since 2015. He had filed a complaint before, and despite repeated visits to the police station, there was no development in the case till now.

Telangana’s Well of Horrors- The police said that the accused admitted that he also sexually harassed the 11-year-old girl, tied her body in a gun bag and put it next to a well in the same village. Police found that on the late night of Tuesday, the corpse found the dead on the basis of his clothes.

In this case, also, the victim was going home from school.

Rachakonda Police Commissioner Mahesh Bhagwat said on Tuesday that the accused has admitted that he is a habitual rapist and murderer and murdered three young girls and one woman after 2015 after sexual harassment.

Local people have displeasure with the disturbing information of the three cases. They ransacked the houses of the accused and inquired about the safety of their children.

“It’s shocking. Where are safety and security here? If such incidents happen, how can we send our children to schools? “A resident of the village said. For more details, you can visit

Telangana’s Well of Horrors- Hajipur village – which is witness to these heinous crimes, is a part of Bommalaramaram mandal. For the school/college- the people of the village have to go to Keesara, which is situated on the outskirts of Hyderabad and is 12 km away from Bommalaramaram.

The most common method of transport is a bus – which runs for a limited time in the day. Therefore, if someone misses the bus, then the only alternative to reach the village from the Mandal will be located four kilometers away. In all the above cases- students were going to Hajipur or Mandal from home to catch the bus.


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