Indian army claims to have sighted footprints of Yeti – Mysterious Footprints

Indian army claims to have sighted footprints of Yeti

Indian army claims to have sighted footprints of Yeti- New Delhi, on Tuesday, the Indian Army Claimed that one of its team saw the Mysterious footprints of the mythical creature “Yeti” near the Makalu Base Camp in Nepal. During an expedition, Mountaineering expedition Mark 32X15 inches, the army believed that the mythical animals belong to the Yeti. “ After a long time for the first time, an Indian Army mountaineering expedition team has sited the mysterious feet of the ‘Yeti’ legendary pastor measuring about 32×15 inches on the Makalu base camp on 09th April 2019. This exclusive snowman was seen only in Makalu-Barun National Park In the past”, Indian Army tweeted.

Indian army claims to have sighted footprints of Yeti, Mysterious Footprints

Describing the claim of footprints found in the legendary Yeti of its mountaineering team, the army said that “proof” about the disgusting Snowman “will be photographed and handed over to the subjected experts” for scientific evaluation. The army organized it on “ photographic evidence” about the disgusting snowman for about but then decided that they matched the earlier principles.

“Therefore, we thought it to be prudent (publicly Known) and to re-promote the scientific interest”, The army said. The finding was told from an area located on the border between Nepal and China. Makalu is one of the biggest mountains in the world and stands near the Makalu- Barun valley, is a remote forest that has been surveyed by Yeti hunting researchers.

Indian army claims to have sighted footprints of Yeti, Although the prey of the legendary animal has been running for centuries, in 1920, stories of a wild-haired animal searching for climbers in Nepal inspired many people including Sir Edmund Hillary to go in search of the creature. It was in the 1950s when a British explorer Eric Shipton saw a series of unusual footprints looking for an alternative route to climb Mount Everest. Shipton’s quest sharpened the world’s interest in this mysterious, elusive creature.

Social media fever after the army claims to have sighted footsteps

So much so that the Nepali government issued hunting licenses for the Yeti in the hope of catching “animals” in the 1950s. In 2008, Japanese climbers returning from a mountain in western Nepal told Reuters that they had seen footprints, which they were related to the Yeti.

Indian army claims to have sighted footprints of Yeti, And although they took long-lens cameras, video cameras, and binoculars, they did not see or saw any picture of the creature. But scientists have found very little evidence of the existence of the Yeti. In 2017, a group of international researchers studied many alleged hygiene samples collected from the Himalayan region and concluded that they were related to bears. For the latest updates, you can visit

In 2008, two men in the United States said that they met the half-man, half-incomplete remains, which eventually came in the form of a rubber gorilla suit. So far, there are many examples of people, explorers, scientists that saw the Yeti or saw the footprints of his feet. However, no claim has been verified until now.


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