Blood brothers: Wealthy Family Behind Sri Lanka Suicide Attacks

Blood brothers

Blood brothers: Sri Lankan Housewife Fathima Fazla thought about her neighbor in a grand three-story house across the road, the richest person in her humble Colombo Suburb. she did not realize how had he would be. Two brothers living in the white house on the Mahawela Garden emerged as prominent players in suicidal attacks on  Easter Sunday, killing more than 350 people and making an island state stunned, who enjoyed the relative peace of a decade was there.

The Islamic State militant group took responsibility for a coordinated attack on three churches and four hotels. A close source of the family said that the owner of 33-year- old copper factory, Inspector Ibrahim, exploded his explosive device in a busy breakfast buffet of luxury Shangri-la Hotel.

Blood brothers-Wealthy Family Behind Sri Lanka Suicide Attacks

When police went to raid the family’s house later that day, then his younger brother Ilham Ibrahim,  made a bomb, in which three, his wife and his wife have killed the source told Reuters, reprimand anonymity requested for fear of.

“they looked like good people, “ Fathima Fazla told Reuters from his living house in front of the Ilham Ibrahim family’s residence, now the crime scene was closed with the tape and was marshaled by the police.

The names of the Blood brothers were also mentioned in the local media. Sri Lanka official has not released any attacker, and the Police did not respond to the request for comment. The police said that the father of the brother, Mohammad Ilham Ibrahim was arrested in the form of an investigation into the attacks, the police said. A wealthy Masala merchant and columnist from the business community, Ilham Ibrahim had six sons and three daughters. He was praised by many people knew him.

Fathima Fazla said, “ She used to stay her two young daughters lovingly, “ she was famous for helping the poor with her children, “

31-year-old Ilham Ibrahim openly expressed extremist ideologies and according to the close family sources, a local Islamist group was included in the meetings of National Thowheed Jamath which was suspected to be involved in planning the attacks.

His entrepreneur brother, the Inspector was externally more liberal in his thoughts, and was known for generous donations to his employees and to fight local families, the source said. The Inspector was married to the daughter of a wealthy jewelry maker and she had no problem with money. For more updates, you can visit

“I had never thought that they were such people,” said 38-year-old network cable laying engineer Sanjeewa Jayasinghe, who works on the next door of the Ibrahim family’s house.

Sunday’s blasts blamed the relative who has been in Buddhist-dominated Sri Lanka, since the civil war against most Hindus, ethnic Tamil separatists had ended 10 years ago, and created fear of the return of communal violence…

Although Ibrahim Blood brothers will be revamped in most parts of the country to give shelter in Sri Lanka, they will be remembered by some people in the community who rely on them.

On the outskirts of Colombo, an employee of the abandoned copper factory of the inspector Sarovar said, “He was kind to many owners, I was happy to work for him.” “He went away. Now, what do I do?”Whatever he has done, all Muslims are considered suspicious.”


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