Woman raped by nursing assistance in Rajasthan Hospital ICU 

Woman raped by nursing assistance in Rajasthan Hospital ICU 
Woman raped by nursing assistance in Rajasthan Hospital ICU 

In a harrowing turn of events in Alwar, a 24-year-old woman, receiving treatment for a lung infection within the confines of the intensive care unit (ICU) at a private hospital, fell prey to an alleged rape perpetrated by a member of the nursing staff on Tuesday morning. The distressing incident unfolded within the premises of Harish Hospital, situated under the jurisdiction of the Shivaji Park police station. Identified as Chirag Yadav, the accused has since been apprehended by law enforcement authorities. A senior police officer confirmed the initiation of legal proceedings, including the lodging of an FIR, predicated upon the survivor’s statement. This shocking revelation has sparked widespread concern and condemnation within the community, prompting introspection into the adequacy of security measures within medical establishments. The sanctity of hospitals as spaces for healing has been called into question, emphasizing the urgent need for robust safeguards to protect vulnerable patients. As the legal process unfolds, there is a collective demand for swift and comprehensive justice to be served. Concurrently, efforts to bolster preventative measures and enhance accountability mechanisms are being underscored to prevent the recurrence of such grievous violations of trust and dignity.

Originating from a village within the Baroda Meo police station’s jurisdiction, the survivor sought medical attention, arriving at the hospital by 2 pm on Monday. However, the tranquility of her stay abruptly shattered in the early hours of Tuesday. The survivor alleges that around 3:30 am, a member of the nursing staff intruded into the ICU, subjecting her to lewd acts against her will. Despite her vocal protests, the perpetrator purportedly administered a sedative injection, rendering her unconscious. It was amidst this vulnerable state that the survivor contends she was sexually assaulted, awakening to the horrifying reality of the accused’s actions. As she grappled with the assault, her cries for help were met with further intimidation, as the perpetrator menacingly threatened her with additional sedation if she raised an alarm. This disturbing narrative unveils a stark betrayal of trust and underscores the critical need for enhanced vigilance and safeguards within healthcare settings. The survivor’s courage in sharing her ordeal serves as a powerful testament to the resilience required in confronting such heinous violations of dignity and autonomy.

Singh reported that the woman regained consciousness following a call from her husband on her mobile phone. She subsequently recounted the harrowing experience to her family. “The accused has been apprehended and is currently undergoing interrogation,” Singh confirmed. He added that CCTV footage has been scrutinized, revealing the accused’s actions as he approached the bed and obscured it with curtains. This footage provides valuable evidence for the investigation, shedding light on the accused’s movements leading up to the incident.



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