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Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2019

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2019: India’s men’s hockey team beat Malaysia 4-2 in the exciting 28th Sultan Azlan Shah Cup in Malaysia in 2019 in Ipoh, Malaysia. This was India’s second win after defeating Japan 2-0 in the first match, while they scored the second match against Korea 1-1. Both teams first started the Quarter with a powerful counterattack that kept viewers on the edge of their seats. First, it was India by Simranjeet Singh to enter the striking circle with some skillful tackle, but the hosts were alert to find the initial danger.

Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2019: India jump to the second spot after beating Malaysia 4-2

Five minutes into the game, Malaysia won its first penalty corner, but Krishna B Pathak performed spectacularly to save India’s post. In the next few minutes, both the teams, by accelerating the game, playing with each guard and eliminating the quarter in a stalemate.

India optimized for full-press while showing its best performance. Vice Skipper Surender Kumar Continued to be the main person for India in the backline supported by Experienced Birendra Lakra, Which made important Connections, which helped in increasing the Forwardline in the strike Circle. While passing through Varun Kumar on the top of the goal, Hardik Singh aimed to score goals in Associations with Mandeep Singh. It was eventually Sumit Who got the right deflection in the 17th minute to help India win a 1-0 lead.

Later, Mandeep helped India win its first PC, but after many re-tech, India could not raise its momentum. Later, Malaysia’s rally on a good counter attack won its second PC match. Although his first attempt was saved by PR Sreejesh, who took the place of Krishna after the first quarter, Razie Rahim did not disappoint his domestic audience as he gave the goal of equalizing to Malaysia in the 21st minute. Hitless

India beat Malaysia 4-2 in Azlan Shah Cup, Sultan Azlan Shah Cup 2019

The match was tense, due to the fact that this year’s Sultan Azlan Shah Cup was the most anticipated match, India continued to use full-press because they were in search of possible counter-attacks. Sumit Favored Malaysia’s Faizal Saari to establish  India’s second Goal. This time it was Sumit Kumar Junior who put the ball in Front of Malaysian Goal Keeper Hairi Rahman in the 27th minute.

In the third quarter, both teams had held a counter attack, but India was not determined. He challenged Malaysian defence with solid circle entries, Mandeep Singh worked with his magic and again won another important PC to India. Taken by the drag-flicker Varun Kumar, he took it again with a powerful flick, placed the ball down on the left side. For the latest updates, and trending news, you can visit

Although Malaysia had made several attempts at the target in the third quarter, which included a PC, a cautious Krishna who came back to this position did well to maintain India’s lead.

In the fourth quarter, however, Malaysia made a field goal in the 57th minute through Firhan Ashari, who defeated Sreejesh after two glorious deliveries in this quarter. In the 58th minute, Mandeep Singh’s support by a brilliant circle entry and Sumit Kumar Junior helped him to score India’s fourth goal in the 4-2 game to end the match. India’s defence did not let the last minute errors in the house to take three points from the victory.


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