PM Modi America Visit: PM Modi shared the picture inside the plane- why people started remembering

PM Modi America Visit: PM Modi shared the picture inside the plane

PM Modi America Visit: PM Modi shared the picture inside the plane- why people started remembering- Modi will hold bilateral talks with President Joe Biden in the US, attend the crucial Quad meeting and is scheduled to address the United Nations, General Assembly. In addition to meeting the CEOs of top American companies, there will be many more meetings and meetings. In such a situation, the PM and the team of officers accompanying him also have to make complete preparations. PM’s plane Boeing 777-337 (ER) had left for the US on Wednesday at 11.40 am from New Delhi. Although the air route from India to America passes through Pakistan, Afghanistan, it is being told that due to security reasons, PM Modi’s special plane ‘Air India One’ did not pass through Afghanistan. The PM’s plane takes about 15 hours to reach the US by the normal route, but it took a little longer due to the non-use of Afghanistan’s airspace.

Journey of 15 hours, PM remains active even in the plane

This plane is of a collision with Air Force One of the President of America. Air India One also has quarters, lab, dining room, large office and conference room. While traveling from India to America i.e. 12 thousand km, PM’s plane does not need to land anywhere for refueling. Anyway, the new plane has the ability to refuel in the sky. Now understand what the PM is doing inside while traveling such a long distance. Anyway, PM Modi has told that he sleeps very little. In an interview with Akshay Kumar, the PM had told that he remains fit even with three and a half to four hours of sleep. In such a situation, while going to America, he only has time. PM Modi handles the files inside the plane itself. Before the tour, he does his preparations not in the hotel, but on the plane itself. Several files are visible in the PM’s picture. He is also seen reading a paper and holding a pen in his hand. It is clear that he takes note of special things. Like you might have seen in the page marker sticker files in an office, many stickers are visible in the PM’s file too. It is clear from this that the PM made full use of the 15-hour flight journey. The PM wrote along with the picture, ‘On a long flight, there is a chance to see the papers and files.’

Then the picture of Shastri came in the discussion

#NarendraModi and PM Modi started trending on Twitter as soon as PM shared this picture. People wrote that the memories of former Prime Minister of India Lal Bahadur Shastri were refreshed. Actually, a picture of former PM Shastri is very much discussed, in which he is seen reading the file. Nearby his wife is reading a book. Many files in front also appear on the table. Within no time people started comparing Shastri ji and PM Modi’s pictures. Comments started coming in their own way.

Former PM Shastri plowing PM’s residence

Another picture came into the limelight, which was shared by former PM Shastri’s family member Vibhakar Shastri on 22 September itself. He told that this is a picture of 1964, my grandfather, respected Lal Bahadur Shastri ji is running the plow in the Prime Minister’s residence. Interestingly, on September 19, at 7.10 pm, Vibhakar Shastri shared a picture of former PM Lal Bahadur Shastri handling the file in the plane. When PM Modi shared his picture, people immediately started comparing. Seeing the picture of Shastri ji, people are expressing their respect for him saying that he was an example of simplicity. Many of his stories are being shared. How did he resign on moral grounds after the train accident? People wrote that there is no one like him. One user wrote, ‘We are proud of that great son of Hind.’ Apart from this, pictures of many leaders including former PM Rajiv Gandhi working in the plane have started floating on Twitter.


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