Citizenship amendment bill, triple talaq bill set to lapse on June 3

Citizenship amendment bill

Citizenship amendment bill: The Rajya Sabha, which lasted for 13 days, ended the budget session on Wednesday. Thanks for giving a proposal on the President’s address without any discussion and adjournment of the interim budget, the proceedings of the House were postponed indefinitely.

New Delhi: Thanks to the Presidential address speech and the interim budget 2019-20, the proceedings of the Rajya Sabha today were postponed indefinitely. With this, the Government’s intention to pass the much-awaited three Divorce Bill and Citizenship Bill were incomplete. These bills cannot be submitted. Let me tell you that there is a political debate about three divorce bills. It was recently said by the Congress party that if its government is formed, then the three divorce laws will be abolished. Thanks to the Finance Bill and the President’s address in the Rajya Sabha, the resolution was passed without discussion too.

Citizenship amendment bill and triple talaq Bills could not be submitted

For a debate on the presidential address 10 hours, 8 hours on the budget and 2 bills were fixed for 2 hours, but on the last day, it had to pass without any discussion in 20 minutes. Thanksgiving proposal could not be passed due to political reasons in 1991 and 1996.

The parliament passed the sixth and final budget of the Modi government on Wednesday, in which income earners were given a rebate of five lakh rupees. Simultaneously, the provision of pension for the help of Rs 6,000 annually for small farmers and those working in the unorganized sector in the budget. At the same time, the adjustment bills from the Lok Sabha (linked to the right to spend before the next full budget) and the Finance Bill were passed after full discussion but on the last day of the session, it had to pass without any discussion from the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday.

Rajya Sabha indefinitely postponed, Citizenship amendment bill

It is significant that under clause 1 of Article 87 of the Constitution, the President addresses the two Houses jointly during the first session of the Parliament. Under Clause 2 of Article 82 of the Constitution, there has been a tradition of passing the thanks motion by discussing the President’s address to both the Houses of Parliament. The President’s address is prepared by the government and it is like the government’s policy.

Rajya Sabha indefinitely postponed, triple talaq Bills and citizenship bills could not be submitted During the 13-day Rajya Sabha session of the Rajya Sabha, due to protests from Opposition Leader from Rafael Deal to the Citizenship Bill, the proceedings were severely interrupted. On Wednesday, on the last day, it was agreed between all the political parties that the thanks motion on the interim budget and the President’s address was passed without discussion. Minister of State for Finance Shiv Pratap Shukla put forward the Adjustment (Appropriation) bill and the Finance Bill, which was passed by voice. For latest News visit


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