Nokia 9 Pureview Price in India, Features, Specification, Release Date

Nokia 9 Pureview Price in India

Nokia 9 Pureview Price in India: Nokia has been slotted to come back with a Penta-lens camera step. In addition, Nokia 2 plus has been slated to come under the Android Go program with a different version of the stock. Nokia 9 preview leaked game is currently at the point with Nokia 1 plus smartphone. The certification websites FCC has made great disclosures about the upcoming Nokia 9 preview as well as Nokia 1 plus. Nokia 9  preview has been slotted to come back with a Penta-Lens camera setup. Apart from this, Nokia 1 plus is slated with a stripped version of the stock Android under the Android Go program which usually comes with the Nokia Smartphone.

Nokia 9 Pureview Price in India

Nokia 1 Plus user manual leaked on certification website: other details and more

According to the FCC Certification Leak, the Nokia 9 design is still similar to the Penta-lens setup in a circular manner. There will be single and dual SIM versions of the smartphone. Nokia 9 will be an Android One smartphone. The smartphone will support Fast Charging (5/9/12 V Charges similar to Quick Charge) However, FCC docs show that Nokia 9 Android 8.1 runs on Oreo. We believe that the final production version will find the latest Android 9.0 pie.

Nokia 9 Pureview Price in India- details, features

Nokia 9 has other specifications that it will be powered by 4GB RAM and will have 128GB of internal storage. Nokia 9 will have a 6.9-inch display and it will feature NFC, Zero-Touch and Fingerprint scanner. For more details visit

In the case of Nokia 1 Plus, the smartphone has been slotted to get 2,500mAh of battery and the phone will come with the 5V charger. Nokia 1 Plus will also get a 3.5mm headphone jack. Smartphone single and dual SIM will come in both models, which will have slots in addition to the internal memory expansion. Nokia 1 Plus is slated to get only 1GB of RAM because it will be an Android Go smartphone.

Nokia 9 PureView details, In the recent leaks, the Nokia 9 PureView and Nokia 1 Plus were listed on the Google Play Store, pointing to the fact that both smartphones are ready to come in the market.


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