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IS terror plot busted

IS terror plot busted: Dreaded militant outfit is engaged in the conspiracy to push the youths out in Islamic State jails. In India module of the terrorist organization, Harkat-ul-herb-e-Islam had prepared its network in just 3-4 months.

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  • NIA has unveiled a new terror module of Islamic State on Thursday
  • For this, efforts are being made to reach out to the Muslim youth in the Jails.
  • According to the sources, this tire network was ready within 3-4 months, alerted agencies
  • so far, the connectivity of IS has come more than Kerela apart from Kerela

There is a shocking disclosure about Islamic State (IS) terrorism module Harket-ul-Herb-e Islam. This network of terror was ready in 3 to 4 months. In such a short time, the security agencies have gone to sleep because of the network of terrorism at the local level. So far, the biggest relief was to do that there was no such as an example of joining the internal network or by creating a panic network. Now the fact that after the raids in Delhi and Utter Pradesh has come out, the agencies have sensed and have been asked to be more vigilant throughout the country.

IS terror plot busted?? Till now, the issues of connecting Islamic terrorism were more than that of Kashmir only. According to sources, the failed IS is now in the process of spreading its network within the country, in other ways, it is in the process of promoting fundamentalism in the country. For this, efforts are being made to reach out to the Muslim youth in the jails. Dangerous efforts are being made to mislead Muslim youth, especially in J&K jails, to join them. This whole plot has indicated signs of adoption of this model.

The strings of these terrorists have come from the terrorists of Kashmir, who were locked up in jail last days. For this, sending SIM and mobile to the jail is a conspiracy to try to connect with these youth through him. Also, social media has also been used for it. IS’s intention is to reach out to the Muslim youth in the jails and make them hard-wired and try to get involved in their organization. In fact, the terrorist organization has failed to make its network in the country till now.

It has been a major reason for the Muslim community to reject this organization. After this, the terrorist organization has tried to adopt another way. The first disclosure of this conspiracy happened when a few months ago some youths in the Valley had told the police about this in the interrogation. The manner in which the youth was put on a dangerous mission in just three-four months on Wednesday, security agencies may have to implement a new plan to deal with them.


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