Boris Johnson’s Secret Marriage: Carrie Symonds Wears 3 Million Dress, Honeymoon Not Yet

British PM's Secret Wedding

Boris Johnson’s Secret Marriage: Carrie Symonds Wears 3 Million Dress, Honeymoon Not Yet- British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has secretly married his fiancée Carrie Symonds. Johnson, 56, married 33-year-old Carrie in a secret ceremony at Westminster Cathedral on Saturday. In view of the Corona crisis, both have currently postponed the honeymoon. Some wedding pictures have also come to light, in which the Prime Minister is seen in a black suit and his wife in a white dress. The dress is being discussed all over Britain. Is, because its price is 2,870 pounds i.e. about three lakh rupees.

Johnson becomes Carrie from Symonds

According to the news of the Daily Mail, after marriage, Carrie Symonds has put Johnson in front of her name. Carrie is very happy with this wedding. On this special occasion, she wore a wedding dress valued at £ 2,870 (Rs. 2,94,670.36). However, instead of buying such an expensive dress, he hired it. Designed by designer Christos Costarellos, she got only 45 pounds (about four and a half thousand).

Honeymoon after a year

Keeping in mind the Corona crisis and preparations to deal with it, Prime Minister Johnson has postponed his honeymoon for a year. He says that at the moment it is the first priority for him to get the country out of the corona epidemic. According to the report, both Johnson and Symonds ‘mother were present at the wedding ceremony, but Symonds’ father may not have been invited.

Second wife’s children also remain absent

Boris Johnson has four children from his second wife QC Marina Wheeler, who did not attend the wedding. It is not known whether he did not come of his own accord or the invitation was not sent to him. Johnson and Carrie’s marriage was kept so secret that no cabinet minister was invited. Only a few guests were invited to the wedding ceremony in central London at the last minute. It is being told that the Catholic Cathedral was suddenly closed at 1:30 pm for the wedding.


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