Farmers are food providers for us -no vote bank: PM Narendra Modi

Farmers are food providers for us -no vote bank

Farmers are food providers for us -no vote bank: Immediately after inaugurating North koel Irrigation Project in Medininagar, Jharkhand, PM Modi removed his first call It is locally known as Mandal Dam, this project was first conceived under the then Congress government in 1973, but its construction was stopped 25 years ago on environmental grounds, when it was the Forest (Conservation) Rule In 1981, the amendment was reduced. Under the leadership of PM Modi, the Union Cabinet approved the proposal to recommend this project in August, which would irrigate both parts of Jharkhand and Bihar.

Farmers are food providers for us -no vote bank: PM Modi

On the whirlwind tours of Jharkhand and Odisha, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday attacked his opponent against the Congress, in which promised to farmers that on the basis of loan waiver a month ago, it had won in the three assembly elections in the three states.

“Some people are fooling the farmers in the name of debt forgiveness … they have not done anything for decades while living in power. If this project (Mandal dam) was completed on time, would the farmers be forced to borrow? First of all, you compel farmers to lead a miserable life by ignoring the important irrigation projects. Then you do politics in the name of debt waiver. “For Congress, farmers are only a vote bank while for the BJP, they are food providers,” the PM said.

Farmers are food providers for us -no vote bank

PM Modi also made his first trip to Baripada in northern Odisha and inaugurated projects worth Rs 45 billion before raising the objection raised on Rafel fighter aircraft deal. “You must have seen how in the speech of Parliament yesterday, Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman tried to smash the eyes of the countrymen with efficiency and brought the people’s intentions to the security of the country.

He highlighted the childishness of those who tried to use Parliament for their entertainment. Modi said that he had become a thorn in the eyes of some people because he was trying to free the armed forces from the clutches of middlemen. “In a community, the thief will always try to remove the first security guard. But till he guards, thieves have no chance, “Modi referred to the Congress as a” thieves collector “(the group of thieves).

We Consider Farmers as Food Providers- Not Mere Vote Banks

Although Mr. Naveen Patnaik, CM of BJD, was to be involved in Baripada during the inauguration of the projects, he decided to go to Puri instead of missing it, where he announced the plan to host the plans on behalf of the state government.

In the meantime, the Congress made Rafale deal to combat Modi. “The Prime Minister should agree to a JPC so that the people responsible for compromising national security can be exposed. As far as the AgustaWestland case is concerned, the needle of doubt is on the PM itself, “Congress spokesperson Pranab Jha said.

“PM should explain why such a cardiovascular was shown to a blacklisted company. After this, he was also made a partner of ‘Make in India’. Today, Christian Mitchell has reportedly taken the name of a BJP leader, who played an important role in the Augusta Westland deal.


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