Tsunami Washes Away Band As It Played, “Underwater, I Could Only Pray”

Tsunami Washes Away Band As It Played

Tsunami Washes Away Band As It Played, “Underwater, I Could Only Pray”, The band was revealing the crowd in the private, beach concert, the main singer punched the music notes with the pumping fists – “We. Are. seventeen!” – Unaware of the danger coming.

As he climbed on Saturday night, a tsunami wave hit the edge of the Tanjung Lesung coast on the western edge of Java, knocked on the platform below the band and brought the concert to a sudden and tragic end.

Tsunami Washes Away Band As It Played, “Underwater, I Could Only Pray”: Indonesia’s

In Indonesia, 281 people have died and more than 1000 people have been injured since the tsunami due to the volcanic eruption. Before the tsunami, there was no earthquake nor there was any natural stir in the area, due to which the administration could not get the chance of issue alerts. The number of dead can increase in the comings days.

So far in the tsunami that has occurred in Indonesia, the number of deaths has reached 281 and more than 1000 people are injured. The tsunami that surrounded the Sunda Strait is quite quirky. This tsunami came in without the earthquake in the area and suddenly there was a wave of high waves in the sea. No activity was seen before the tsunami, due to which no alerts were released. The loss of life and property could have been greatly reduced in the event of alerts being issued in advance.

Tsunami due to the volcano eruption

The reasons for the tsunami have not been properly assessed, but it is believed that due to the volcanic eruption, the disaster caused due to the tsunami caused by water

Indonesia has the largest earthquake and tsunami in the world because in the world because the most active volcano in the world is in this area. For this reason, this country also called the ring of fire on the basis of geographical location.

Number of the dead can rise

Due to the Christmas weekend, a large number of people had come to the seaside to leave, but suddenly the Tsunami put everyone in a panic. Tsunami Washes Away Band As It Played, “Underwater, I Could Only Pray”. Indonesia’s natural disaster protection team says that the number of dead can increase further as many people are also missing in large numbers this is the second major Tsunami this year. 2,800 people died in the tsunami and an earthquake in Sulawesi Island on September 28, while many people had already been expelled from the area due to the previous warning.

There was no sign of earthquake on Saturday night nor any major stir of any kind happened. Suddenly large waves began to rise in the sea and 16-year-old eyewitness Ajky Kurnivan said, “I was in the hotel lobby and suddenly the noise started that large waves were rising in the ocean. I was wondering because something I did not feel like an earthquake. I ran away to pick up my bike in the parking lot, but the waves had left him with him till then.


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