Nitsha Muliyasha: Gujarat’s daughter joins Israeli army, wreaking havoc against Hamas

Nitsha Muliyasha: Gujarat's daughter joins Israeli army

Nitsha Muliyasha: Gujarat’s daughter joins Israeli army, wreaking havoc against Hamas- After 11 days of deadly fighting between Israel and Palestine ended last month, the conflict between the two has started once again. On Wednesday and Thursday, Israeli Air Force planes attacked the Palestinian militant group Hamas’ positions in Gaza after incendiary balloons were fired from a Palestinian enclave. In this gruesome attack, 20-year-old Nitsha Muliasha, of Gujarati origin, was part of the Israel Defense Forces Team (IDF). Nitsa Muliyasha is originally from Kothadi, a village in Manavdar taluka of Rajkot. Now settled in Tel Aviv, Nitsa is the first Gujarati girl to be recruited into the Israeli army.

Nitsa Muliasha has received state-of-the-art weapons training

Nitsa Muliasha’s father Jivabhai Muliasha told that all this has been possible because of the Israeli education system. He said that during the course of schooling, there are many tests to check the proficiency and proficiency of the children, which helps them to choose the right course and career. According to the report, Nitsa has been trained to use modern weapons and to carry out multi-faceted activities on the battlefield. His father told that after the completion of two years and four months of training, the soldiers are made to sign agreements of five years or 10 years. Under this, they can choose any course of their choice, engineering, medicine or other on the basis of merit. The Israeli army bears all the cost of his education.

Nitsa’s younger sister is also showing strength in the Israeli army

Jivabhai Muliyasha told that during the last two years his daughter has also been posted on Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt border. He is currently posted with the Israeli army in Gush Dan. Nitsa’s father Jivabhai had arrived in Tel Aviv many years ago with his brother. There both brothers started business. Jivabhai has a general store there. Nitsa’s sister Riya is also in the Israeli army. While Nitsa has spent more than two years in the army, Riya has joined the army this year after passing 12th. His training is still going on. Explain that in Israel, it is mandatory for all people above the age of 18 to receive military training. Being surrounded by enemies on all sides, military training is essential in Israel.

Israeli army raining missiles on Hamas

Despite the Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire, Hamas members continue to attack Israel with condoms and kite bombs. In retaliation, the Israeli Air Force launched strong missile strikes on the Gaza Strip for the second consecutive day on Thursday. Israeli missiles destroyed several Hamas targets in Gaza City on Thursday. It is being told that a building of the civil administration also came under the grip of this attack. Apart from this, many farms have also been destroyed. So far there is no report of any casualties in these attacks. Meanwhile, Hamas issued a statement saying that these attacks are a show of strength of Israel’s new government. It is also being said in the news that Hamas fired on the Israeli side with heavy machine guns. Israeli media have claimed that this action has been taken after the army released balloons filled with explosives for the third day in a row from Gaza.


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