Israeli Spacecraft Crash – Lands On Moon Months Before Chandrayaan-2

Israeli Spacecraft Crash

Israeli Spacecraft Crash-Lands On Moon- New Delhi: An Israeli spacecraft came within a few kilometers of the historic touchdown quote before it faced a technical failure and on Thursday crashed on the surface of the Moon. A successful soft landing of the BERESHEET spacecraft has made Israel the fourth nation in the soft land on the moon surface after Russia, America, and China. India crashed its Moon Impact Check in 2008 as part of Chandrayaan-1.

Built at a cost of $ 100 million, the BERESHEET spacecraft was built by SpaceIL and a private space started by Israel Aerospace Industries. The space shuttle was dropped into space on February 9, 2019, on the Falcon 9 rocket and entered the lunar orbit on April 4, 2019. BERESHEET weighed approximately 585 kgs and became the first funded satellite to go into the moon’s orbit.

Israeli Spacecraft Crash-Lands On Moon Months Before Chandrayaan-2

The spacecraft was trying to soft land on the northern hemisphere of the moon surface, but it came within a few kilometers when it faced technical problems with its engines and it crashed into the surface of the moon.

The BERESHEET spacecraft has given unsuccessful efforts to soft land on the surface of the Moon, giving India the hope of claiming fourth place in the soft landing on the moon through Chandrayaan-2, which includes an orbiter, a lander, and a rover. Rupee. However, the project of 800 crores has been faced with repeated delays and now the Sriharikota from Andhra Pradesh is expected to use Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle Mark III in the next few months. Indian Space Agency ISRO has not announced a date and when last time a lander named Vikram jumped during a test earlier this year.

ISRO President Dr. K Sivan said that the flight model was safe and sound and only the engineering or testing model had some damage. For the latest news, You can visit

India’s Chandrayaan-1 mission gave the first sign of the presence of water molecules on the moon surface, which led to a better understanding of moon geology and gave the possibility of future human colonization on the Moon. Now, India can try to claim the fourth place in the soft landing on the moon through Chandrayaan-2.

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