Intel in CES 2019: 10nm-based Ice Lake Chip, Athena Project, 9th Gen

Intel in CES 2019

Intel in CES 2019:-  Initially, it was planned to start its 10nm Cannon lake processor in 2016, but the company was forced to cancel those plans repeatedly before the delay. In CES 2019, the semiconductor company has finally demonstrated its first 10nm Ice Lake Chip, which is based on Sunny Cove architecture. Chipset Giants expanded their portfolio in emerging technologies such as 5G and Artificial Intelligence as well as in their PC mobile space.

project Athena (Intel in CES 2019)

Intel’s project Athena focuses on advanced laptops that support 5G and AI. The new platform paves the way for the slicker laptop with extended battery life. AI support ensures that the chip regularly supports, filters, adapts and optimizes the system’s under-hood. Promotion of project Athena-based chips is also promised for faster performance and accountability.

The first laptop based on Intel’s Project Athena platform will be released in the second part of this year. Intel’s Athena includes Acer, Asus, Dell, Google, HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, and Samsun as a Partner.

“To understand how people use their tools and the challenges they face, on the basis of extensive research, the annual imagery combines key areas of innovation so that people are able to focus, adapt to life’s roles and Always be able to make a laptop to be ready, “the company can visit the website on their website.

Intel in CES 2019 Ice Lake chip

The new mobile PC platform is based on the 10nm process and is integrated with the company’s Sunny Cove microarchitecture. Along with Artificial Intelligence Integration, Intel Ice Lake Chips is going to be powered by Gen11 graphics. By the end of this year, ice-lake based equipment has been set up to hit the market.

9th Gen Intel Core desktop

Intel in CES 2019, Intel announced a new addition to its 9th Gen Intel Core Desktop Chips, which was launched for the first time in October last year. The chips include a Core i9-9900K processor in new  Range, which Intel describes as the best gaming processor.

According to Intel, improved chips “give more options to meet a wide range of consumer needs from casual users to professionals, to gamers and serious content creators.” Devices based on the new 9th Gen Intel Core Desktop Processor will be available from this year.

Intel Xeon Scalable processor

Intel said that it has started shipping the next generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processor, which is also called Cascade Lake Processor. The new chip Intel Open DC comes with constant memory and Intel DL boost, which is used to use AI capabilities.


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