Scientists discover epidemic coming after Corona, know what is the whole news

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Scientists discover epidemic coming after Corona, know what is the whole news- Today the whole world is so afraid of the coronavirus that scientists have also found out what the next pandemic will be. At the same time, we have also found out in which country this epidemic is flourishing and from which organism it will spread.

Scientists also explained how the crisis of the next pandemic can be avoided. This time the epidemic can be spread by the bacteria and viruses present in the Brazilian Amazon forests and the species of creatures living there (bats, monkeys and mice). Let us know what scientists have discovered in their research?

Biologist Marcello Gordo of the Federal University of Amazonas, Manaus, Brazil and his team recently found the rotten corpse of three pied tamarin monkeys in the cooler. Somebody had stopped supplying electricity to this cooler, after which the bodies of the monkeys were rotting due to being inside and the smell started coming out of them.

When Marcello and his team took samples from the dead corpses of the monkeys and took them to the Fiocruz Amazonia Biobank, the zoologist Alessandra Nava came to help them here. They discovered parasitic worms, viruses, and other infectious agents from these samples of monkeys.

Biologist Alessandra explained that the way humans are occupying the forests, the viruses, bacteria and pathogens present in the organisms living there are attacking humans and spreading a dangerous infection.

He said that the same thing happened in China. The virus that originated from there spread the Middle East syndrome. SARS spread from there, now the coronavirus came out from there, due to which the world has been in crisis for two years today. People are constantly losing their lives.

There are Amazon forests all around Brazil’s Manaus. There are about 22 lakh people living in Manaus spread over several hundred kilometres. Of the 1400 species of bats worldwide, 12 percent live only in the Amazon forest.

Apart from this, many such species of monkeys and mice also live here, on which viruses, pathogens and bacteria or parasites live. These can take the form of a large epidemic in humans, just like the corona. The reason behind all this is urbanization, construction of roads, dams, mines and cutting of forests.


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