3D printed artificial corneas mimic human eyes developed by Scientists

3D printed artificial corneas mimic human eyes

3D printed artificial corneas mimic human eyes: Scientists have made an artificial 3D cornea made of stem cells, which looks exactly like a human eye. Synthetic polymers were also used in making it. This cornea can help reduce the need for eye donation. When a person’s cornea is severely damaged, then it is necessary to transplant. However, many times people have to wait years of eye donation.

3D printed artificial corneas mimic human eyes

Even before that, many scientists have tried to make artificial cornea, but due to chemical substances being made they were not used during the eye implants and it was not even transparent. Researchers from Pohang University of Science and Technology and Qingpu National University in South Korea have created an artificial cornea from stem cells using bioengineers.

According to the study published in the Biofibration Journal, this cornea is made from corneal tissue bioengineers. It is biocompatible (a material that does not harm live cells), and three-D cell printing technology makes cornea worth recycling, so it is very similar to the human eye. Researchers have claimed that in the future this artificial cornea can be helpful in reducing the need for eye donation.

What is cornea

The cornea is a thin outer layer in the eye, which covers the pupil and protects the eye from the external environment. The rays of light are the first on this layer, so it needs to be transparent. It can be easily flexible as it is flexible. Due to the different properties of each cornea, the artificial cornea can be made to one extent by using synthetic biocompatible materials. However, many researchers did great efforts to make it transparent, but the light used in the current studies could not cross the light. The cornea is made of fine rays (firm) mesh. Which is directly related to the transparency of the cornea.

Many researchers are working to make it again, they believe that cornea transplants can be done using cytotoxic substances in the body. To solve the problem of transparency of cornea, the team of researchers made the cornea biocompatible using bio-to using 3D printing to produce corneal counterfeit patterns. Like really cornea, this artificial cornea is also transparent. For the latest updates, and more details, you can visit www.indiatimelines.com.


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