Vijay Mallya Offers to return 100% of public money

Vijay Mallya Offers to Return 100% of Public Money

Vijay Mallya Offers to return 100% of public money: – Vijay Mallya appealed on Wednesday that it will take legal status to give back 100% of their extradition “public money” from the UK to India. Mallya, who is fighting a legal battle against his extradition in India, claimed that he was dubbed incorrectly by politician and the media as “abuse”.

Vijay Mallya Offers to return 100% of public money

In September, a UK court had decided on December 10 that, in comparison to the allegations of fraud and money laundering, the waste alcohol baron can be extradited in India, which is 9, 000 million. I politely request the banks and the government to request that if they refuse to pay, why (SIC ). “

Mallya, who participated in the UK in March 2016, wanted India in default by Rs 9,000 crore, which was given to the Kingfisher Airlines (KFA) by many banks. However, he said, “Politicians and media are about to lie about me constantly, who have run away from the PSU bank’s money, all this is false.”Why do not I get proper treatment and the same loud noise about my comprehensive settlement proposal before the Karnataka High Court.” He claimed that he had offered banks to settle the outstanding amount from 2016.

Vijay Mallya tweeted that, “For the last three decades, the largest liquor group Kingfisher has traded in India. During this time, many states have also helped. Kingfisher Airlines was also paying a lot to the government. But the tragic end of the splendid airlines took place, but still, I want to pay the banks, so that they do not have any losses. Please accept this offer. Vijay Mallya Offers to return 100% of public money

Vijay Mallya tweeted three In another tweet, Vijay Mallya said that the politicians and the media have been repeatedly screaming and declaring me a defaulter who is taking money from PSU banks. But all this is a lie. I have always been biased, why is not proper treatment with me? I had proposed a comprehensive settlement in the Karnataka High Court, it was unheard of. Extremely tragic.


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