Google Acquires Cameyo: Bringing Virtualized Windows Apps to ChromeOS


In a move that’s set to shake up the tech world, Google has officially acquired Cameyo, the software virtualization company it teamed up with in 2023. The goal? To make Windows apps seamlessly accessible on ChromeOS. According to a press note from Google, “By bringing the Cameyo team’s expertise in-house, we are doubling down on our commitment to delivering a streamlined experience for virtualized applications.”

The Cameyo Partnership: A 2023 Collaboration

Last year, Google and Cameyo joined forces to integrate virtual applications into ChromeOS, complete with local file system support. Cameyo’s tech played a crucial role in boosting clipboard support for these apps. Now, with the acquisition finalized, Chromebook users will find it even easier to run virtualized Windows apps on their devices.

How Cameyo Makes Windows Apps Accessible on ChromeOS

For years, businesses have relied on virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to run virtual or legacy applications without needing to install them directly onto their systems. But VDI comes with its own set of challenges, including the need for specialized knowledge and potential security and management headaches.

Enter Cameyo with its innovative Virtual Application Delivery (VAD) technology. Unlike VDI, VAD allows apps to run on ChromeOS without the need for complex installations or Windows desktop emulation. Instead, these applications function as progressive web apps (PWAs), integrating smoothly into the ChromeOS file system.

For consumers, this VAD approach simplifies app management and ensures better security by keeping software up-to-date. With virtual apps operating as PWAs, users can enjoy a native app experience on ChromeOS without having to log into a separate virtual desktop environment.

What Google’s Acquisition of Cameyo Means for Chromebook Users

So, what’s the big deal for Chromebook users? Google’s acquisition of Cameyo translates to easier access to legacy applications without the hassle of complex installations or frequent updates. Businesses, in particular, stand to benefit significantly. Integrating Cameyo’s technology with ChromeOS simplifies app deployment, regardless of where the device is located. This not only enhances data protection but also reduces the costs associated with running virtual apps.

In essence, Chromebook users can look forward to a more seamless, secure, and cost-effective way to run their favorite Windows applications, thanks to Google’s latest strategic move.

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