These pictures of Modi and Kamala in the corridor of the White House must be troubling Pakistan

These pictures of Modi and Kamala in the corridor of the White House must be troubling Pakistan

These pictures of Modi and Kamala in the corridor of the White House must be troubling Pakistan- Images from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s first meeting with Indian-American Vice President Kamala Harris are being widely ‘zoomed’ in Pakistan. Be it the media of Pakistan or the leaders there, they do not like the growing relationship between India and America. Pakistan’s restlessness is about how the Indian PM’s chemistry gets solidified with whoever becomes the President in America. Be it Obama, Trump, or the Biden administration, all have given importance to their relations with India. China has its own tension. Modi will attend the Quad Summit in the US. China is in tension with this alliance of India with Japan, Australia, America. One of the objectives of this group is understood to be to curb the growing influence of China in the Indo-Pacific region. Let’s look at the pictures that are making India feel good and neighbors’ sleep.

PM Modi and Vice President Kamala on the balcony of the White House

Pakistan, eyeing the PM’s visit to the US, suffered a setback when Vice President Kamala Harris overheard Modi on the issue of terrorism in his first meeting with him. Kamala herself mentioned the role of Pak. He said that there are many terrorist organizations in that country. He asked Pakistan to take action in this regard so that the security of America and India is not affected. Talking about the shared security interests of India and America from US soil is a big message for Pakistan. The US, considering India as a natural partner, has made it clear that it gives more importance to India in the region. Prime Minister Modi has invited Vice President Kamala Harris to visit India. Modi also told Harris, ‘You are an inspiration to many people in the world.’ All these are signs of the warmth of the relationship.

Kamala told a lot to Pakistan

When the Taliban government was formed in Afghanistan, Pakistan, which harbors the terrorists, began to insist that now its power would increase in the region. He feels that in Kabul, now he will run on his own. In such a situation, whether there is a huge investment in Afghanistan or its nefarious plans against Kashmir, the Government of India is on alert. Now Kamala Harris has slammed Pakistan fiercely in her meeting with Modi. He said that Pakistan will have to leave the side of terrorists at any cost. After the Modi-Harris meeting, former Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik told an Indian news channel that India is America’s favorite country. He has been called and such is the situation here that the new President of America has not even talked to Pakistan PM Imran Khan on the telephone yet. He also said that if the President there does not talk to the PM of my country, then I will definitely be in trouble.

Pak was restless even after Kamala became the Vice President

Now just remember, a few months ago when it became clear in America that Kamala Harris of Indian origin would become the Vice President there. From that time uneasiness started increasing in Pakistan. Experts on Pakistani news channels started saying that now India will come closer to America and Pakistan’s interests will be affected. In such a situation, it can be understood that the pictures of Kamala Harris and PM Modi talking and shaking hands in the balcony of the White House must have disturbed the government of Pakistan and the people there.

Pakistan’s nefarious plans against India shattered

Modi and Kamala Harris discussed global issues of common interest, including threats to Afghanistan and the Indo-Pacific. As soon as the mention of terrorism came up, Harris said that terrorist organizations are active in Pakistan. During this, he asked Pakistan to take action so that it does not affect the security of America and India. She agreed with the information received from Prime Minister Modi on the issue of cross-border terrorism. He also acknowledged the fact that India has been a victim of terrorism for several decades and Pakistan’s support for such terrorist groups needs to be checked and closely monitored. After the formation of the Taliban government in Kabul, Pakistan’s plans against Kashmir and India, its dreams have been shattered by this statement of America. The US, which has already talked about reviewing 20 years of relations with Pakistan, has expressed its closeness to India and made it clear that Pakistan’s antics in the region will not be tolerated.

That was the era of 1971, today the equations have changed in 2021

In such an environment, it is relevant to remember the situation of 1971. At that time the Indian Army had made preparations to enter Dhaka and teach a lesson to the soldiers of Pakistan. Then Russia stood with India and America was supporting Pakistan. How deep was the Pak-America friendship then, it can be gauged from the fact that as soon as the input of India’s action on East Pakistan was received, America had sent its seventh fleet of Navy to the Bay of Bengal to help Pakistan? America had planned an attack on India, but India very quickly brought the Pakistani army to its knees in Bangladesh. Documents also show that the then Nixon administration was secretly providing weapons to Pakistan continuously. But today Pakistan is having bad days. Global politics has taken a turn and America is standing with India. India, following its principle, has increased friendship with America, France, Australia, Japan, while on the other hand, it has been giving importance to friendship with old and trusted friendly countries – Russia and Israel.


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